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Access a wealth of comprehensive information on the dynamic Dubai real estate market. Stay in the know with the latest updates on diverse communities, property pricing trends, insights into potential return on investment, and a host of other valuable data.


Visa Option

Dubai offers expats the ability to move to the UAE with multiple visa options.


Competitive prices & rental yields

Dubai has higher property yields than popular cities like London and NY, with a gross rental yields of 6-10%.


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Expats from around the world have always been drawn to Dubai for its tax-free lifestyle.


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The Dubai real estate market is steadily increasing and is predicted to increase by 46% in 2023.


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The city isn't all about lavishness, though as it redefines luxury with everything you could ask for.


Safety & World-Class Infastructure

Dubai is one of the best places to raise a family due to its low crime rate and it ranks as the world's third-largest destination for infrastructure investments.


Cryptocurrency accepted

Aligned with the dream to become the world’s crypto capital, Dubai allows buyers to pay in crypto.


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According to the latest data from CBRE in 2022, the average housing rents have gone up by 27.3% in the year until November 2022.

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Buyers Guides for the UAE.

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An off-plan properties for sale in Dubai and the UAE means that the developments is still in progress or even in the blueprint stage and hasn't started yet. Purchase of an off-plan property in Dubai comes with many advantages since most real estate developers in United Arab Emirates offer special terms such as post-handover payment plans.

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Reason Why People Should Off plan Investment in Dubai 2024

Welcome to Off-plan Dubai, your reliable real estate partner offering luxurious residential apartments and villas in the city of Dubai. Dubai offers a wide range of off-plan properties, from luxury apartments to waterfront villas according to investors preferences. Dubai's off-plan properties offer a dynamic investment opportunity in a thriving market. These properties provide buyers the chance to obtain homes at a reduced cost and take advantage of capital appreciation as the market develops, all while offering appealing payment plans and rates. Capital appreciation in the real estate market allows investors to benefit from potential increases in property value. Developers in Dubai typically offer variable payment plans, allowing investors to pay in installments, making it easier to manage resources and invest in multiple properties simultaneously. Additionally, Dubai's world-class infrastructure and amenities make investing in emerging areas as they develop and become more desirable.

"Off-plan" describes properties in Dubai that developers sell before they are completed. This implies that purchasers acquire the property based on the developer's ideas. Off-plan properties in Dubai are quite popular with investors due to their potential for capital growth as the development moves forward and the fact that they can occasionally be acquired for less than completed residences. Additionally, purchasers of off-plan real estate could be able to select features like the finishing, layout, and occasionally even the view.

The major differences between off-plan and ready to move residences in Dubai include construction status, cost, and degree of buyer customization. Off-plan homes are bought before construction is finished, frequently at a reduced cost and with some customization possibilities. Complete and ready-to-move-in houses come with a higher price tag with no customization.

It is possible to purchase an off-plan property in Dubai without risk if you pick a reliable developer with a good track record, carefully review the payment schedule, make sure your money is placed in an escrow account, have the sales agreement legally verified and keep an eye on the status of construction.

Off-plan properties in Dubai have benefits such as affordable costs than completed properties, flexible payment schedules, chance to personalize features and select preferred units, newer construction with contemporary amenities and profitable investment opportunity. Off-plan houses in Dubai are a desirable choice for those wishing to engage in the real estate industry.

A payment schedule offered by developers when buyer pays initially 1?posit of the property's total value to secure the unit followed by a series of installments during construction period and remaining balance due upon completion. 1?posit is a small percentage of the total property value, making it an attractive option for buyers looking to invest in off-plan properties.

A payment schedule offered by developers when buyers need to pay 60% of the property's total value during the construction phase in installments and 40% upon the completion of project. This payment plan allows buyers to spread out the majority of the payments during the construction period, making manageable than paying full amount at once.

A payment schedule offered by developers when buyers need to pay 70% of the property's total value during the construction phase in installments and 30% upon the completion of project. This payment plan allows buyers to spread out the majority of the payments during the construction period, making manageable than paying full amount at once.

The mortgage option for off-plan property in Dubai depends on developer, construction stage of project and policies of mortgage provider. It is advisable to consult with a financial advisor or mortgage provider to understand the specific requirements and options available for mortgaging an off-plan property in Dubai.

An off-plan post-handover payment plan in Dubai is a payment scheme when buyers have to pay 80% portion of the property's total price during construction and rest at the time of possession. This plan offers flexibility, allowing buyers to move in while paying the remaining balance in installments over a set period.

For investors, purchasing off-plan properties in Dubai is worth the price as off-plan homes sometimes offered for less than completed ones by which investors can have best returns as the development occurs. Additionally, developers offer variable payment schedules with certain level of customization.

Dubai has certain laws governing off-plan real estate bodies for the security of purchasers and to maintain transparency. Developers are required to register projects with the Dubai Land Department to safeguards the rights of booth developer and buyer.

You may visit the official website of Dubai Land Department to confirm the project construction status or you can have project updates from the developer, and check the developer's website for updates.

Find the Latest list of off-plan properties in Dubai, UAE with basic information including the Price, location, Best developer, handover date from Developer, minimum prices of properties. 1 Milos Residences, 2. ELO 3 Damac, 3. Park Beach Residences by Deca, 4.The Valley Phase 2 by Emaar and many more off plan projects..


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