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Buying off-plan properties is ideal for a lot of reasons. With the sudden surge in prices, buying property off plan might be the best way to go. If you want to invest in buying the latest off plan properties in Dubai, you have come to the right place! Have more information than ever before right on your fingertips with Let this be the first place to start searching for your dream home. lists vacant apartments, villas, townhouses, hotels, and vacant lands from all of UAE’s leading developers. Search away and find your perfect home on

Buying Off-Plan Properties Guide 2020 -2021

UAE Off-Plan Properties is an off-plan property specialist and real estate advisory company. We partner with the most reputable developers in Dubai and provide you with a full selection of off-plan options on the real estate market. We at UAE Off-plan, help to buy, rent, or sell off-plan property in UAE. We advise our customers about the circulating property market dynamics in the United Arab Emirates. It includes the new development of off-plan properties, houses, villas, apartments for sale, top 10 residential projects in Dubai, and new residential projects in Dubai 2020, 2021.

We offer the ideal chance to let you know more about the most modern and absolute homes in the UAE. Be it any location or a specific spot you are searching for. The countryside of the UAE has always changed as it becomes one of the world's largest lifestyle attractions. The UAE creates several spectacular neighborhoods, which re-form the luxury residing in the capital from the blossoming city center to its growing coastline and stunningly man-made islands. As one of the best real estate and property advisors, we help our customers to invest in new and cheapest off-plan properties in different regions of the UAE including Dubai, Arjan, Business Bay, Abu Dhabi, etc.

We are here to all set to provide you with the best options related to off-plan investment opportunities and flexible plans to chalk out the solutions for buying, leasing, or even selling the property. We have several options for our customer service that helps you easily get known to our website. Especially, if you want us to connect you to the renowned developers in the UAE, we have a callback feature that assists you with that. Also, do not forget the Live Chat option that allows you to promptly get solutions/responses to your queries by our expert and specialized property advisors.

uae-off plan helps you get to know your rights when buying some off-plan property. It also allows you to compare several off-plan property investments in Dubai, along with the other areas of UAE by revealing to you the benefits of buying an off-plan property.

Searching real estate property was never was easy but now, thanks to our team of property advisors who made life simpler. We assist you with the unique off-plan deals with detailed information regarding each property unit.

Our website gives you an overview of each new building, including venue, key details, photos, and market data wherever they are available. UAE off-plan is an excellent place to begin your investigation on which properties meet your buying criteria. Here, you can find the most recent off-plan Dubai ventures under one roof!

Promise to your Investments

UAE Off-Plan Properties is a commitment on which you can depend when purchasing an off-plan property in Dubai. We focus exclusively on off-plan houses, as opposed to a normal dealership that covers all elements of the real estate sector. This allows us to keep up to date with the most recent updates and details of projects.

Partners with Prominent Property Developers

We work directly with the greatest and trustworthy Dubai developers, which means we can deliver a wide variety of resources to our customers depending on their budget plan, desires, and values. We also provide expert advice to guarantee that you get the right property at the finest possible prices, whether you are buying off-plan properties for the first time or you are one of the experienced investors.

100% Online assistance

UAE Off-plan properties are where you can discover what you need to understand about the Dubai off-plan property. We have 100% Online support, free of charge! Call today or visit our web site or talk to us now and receive an array of possibilities and objective expert advice.

Providing Support

UAE Off-Plan Properties provide full stock coverage for all major developers, VIP access to new developments before opening, tailored feedback during the processes, outstanding technical industry know-how, investment return reports and forecasts, impartial recommendations depending on individual expectations, and 100 % free service.

Customized Searching Option

The purchasing of an off-plan Dubai property is a common way of obtaining a brand-new property as efficiently as possible. Our robust search system helps you to browse as detailed as you want. Either you can search for a property according to the style you're interested in, from townhouses to studios, you can check your favorite developers for a complete check for projects or even search property according to the size, price, how many numbers of bedrooms, etc. To take advantage of the best contract offers, you must get the perfect financing options on the property in Dubai.

Do not worry if you are searching for any empty flats, luxurious apartments, or simply wanting to buy an off-plan property. We have got you covered with the best-off plan property advisory!


What is off-plan property Dubai?

Off-plan property is an unfinished property that a buyer buys initially from the developer or the first owner. If the buyer buys straight from the developer at the time the contract was made, the buyer will normally pay a down payment of 10-20 percent and sign the Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA).

Who are the best property developers in Dubai?

How to buy off-plan property in Dubai?

The developer will be inviting you to pay the fee and apply it on your behalf, ensure the amount is paid to Dubai Land Department in form of a manager's cheque and on behalf of the Land Department.

How to sell off-plan property in Dubai?

First, you must make an offer to a buyer who is ready to purchase the property. A No Objection Certificate (NOC), which identifies the new buyer with the developer.

Can Indian citizens buy property in Dubai?

Yes, the citizen of India, can own property in Dubai

Can Israeli citizens buy property in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates government recently endorsed a Dubai governor's proposal to permit Israeli citizens to purchase real estate in the Emirates.

What are the best areas to buy property in Dubai 2020 2021?

What are the benefits of buying a property in Dubai?

Why Invest In Dubai?

AED 111 billion of real estate deals in the first half of 2019 Nearly 128,000 property transactions An ever-growing number of foreign investors - freehold projects mean any nationality is welcome.

NO TAX on Dubai freehold investments, from payments to rental income Some of the best rental yields in the world - upto 10% compared to 2-3% global average Value for money - investors get more luxury space per foot than other major markets such as New York and London.

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