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Ellington Properties, established in 2014, is Dubai's pioneering layout real estate developer, specializing in creating beautiful Dubai properties and neighborhoods for high-quality lifestyles.Read more

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They build beautiful residences in Dubai, constructed by exceptional creativity and outstanding architecture, as a truly customer-centric developer in the UAE real estate market. The sophisticated tastes of their customers encourage them to create enticing luxury properties that continually transcend fashions and trends.

Change mindsets, build integrity, trigger emotions, and differentiate each property are the four pillars on which it is founded.

Ellington properties Development Company Overview:

Ellington Properties is a luxury real estate development company in Dubai that also expands its offerings for asset management and consulting investors and landlords. Ellington is dedicated to creating attractive spaces for great quality lifestyles.

The sole builder of LED infused Properties in the United Arab Emirates, Ellington Properties was established in 2014 as Dubai’s greatest design-led builder of real estate property and is dedicated to developing elegant lifestyle property and neighborhoods. 

They establish beautiful homes in the United Arab Emirates that are genuinely based on the preferences of their customers. These are designed with wonderful style and immaculate architectural style. The sophisticated preferences of their clients encourage them to make meaningful real estate properties that withstand modern styles and patterns continuously.

The four main elements of a property are improvements, integrity, feelings, and variations in thought and they believe that’s how property is created.

Ellington Develpor Property type:

Having to believe housing is the key to creating a decent life, and through a provided framework from the idea to the ultimate detailing, they focus on every step in the construction process.

They know that their responsibility towards their customers is a lifelong commitment to providing a guarantee after hand-over. 

The personalized apartments suit perfectly to a luxurious lifestyle that inspires in all shapes and sizes: villas, studios, and apartments in 1 & 2 bedrooms.

Popular projects by Ellington Properties Dubai:

Ellington Belgravia:

Belgravia is a housing development expertly built, located in  Ellington properties in JVC Dubai, regarded to have been the first venture in the region of Ellington. 

It started in 2017. The residences are advanced, five-story one, two, and three bedrooms. 

It was crucial that Ellington Properties’s dedication to temporary design and quality was expressed in the signature design aesthetic beauty of the new developments. 

To do so, Ellington Properties collaborated with Anarchitect to manage, in partnership with the leading advisors to turn out the strategic concept and layout of residential construction.

Ellington RP Heights:

The announcement of a new RP Heights project is a real venture. 

It is a 50-story tower that is away from the busy schedule of downtown but near to the famous brands and the new restaurant and hotels. 

Ellington, one of the most famous Dubai developers. The furnished tower includes the office, apartments 1, 2, 3, 4 bedrooms, and penthouses, which provide residents with a comfortable lifestyle. 

RP Heights residents have several dining rooms, bars, lounge areas, and cafes in the immediate vicinity of the tower.

Ellington Palm Villas:

The Ellington Collection on Palm Island characterizes all quality criteria! You will be able to obtain a private beach, many excellent cafes, and the beach club with the option of this esteemed group. 

The Ellington Set of The Palm Island is a comfortable option for people with higher incomes. 

The 5 bedrooms and a complete swimming pool in front of the beach come in every of our luxurious Dubai villas.

Our outstanding villas in Palm Jumeirah deliver beautiful architectural decoration and provide a luxurious and pleasant daily life.

Ellington Eaton Place:

The Eaton Place is located in Jumeriah Village Circle (JVC), a hot spot that already is very popular amongst young individuals and families for tailor-made residential buildings. 

Eaton Place offers a group of studios, 1 and 2-bedroom houses with a resort-style pool courtyard that adds to a recreational and hospitality subject.


Ellington projects in dubai  consider every phase of the construction process through a personalized approach from the design to the final information, ensuring that homes play a critical role in constructing a decent life. They recognize that their obligation to the customers is a long-term commitment, so they have warranty after handover.

Their special residences fit in well with a luxurious lifestyle, designed to inspire all shapes and sizes: villas, studios, apartments with 1 & 2 bedrooms.

Ellington Real Estate Office Location:

It's all about place! Choose luxury homes will harm you and we pick the most prestigious addresses of the region, where the communities will prosper, as one of Dubai's finest property companies.

In Mohammed Bin Rashid City (MBR), Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Village Circle are our properties (JVC). 

They have luxurious high-rise houses and community groups.

Belgravia Square, DT1 and Wilton Terraces were developed in 2018, bringing new significance to the live-in design and the Dubai real estate sector. In 2019 they started their latest nature & green areas inspired project, Wilton Park Residences.

Ellington Aesthetic Design Apartment For Sale 

Design is the art of building homes that meet all your desires. Spaces which are happy. Where you would be in perfect alignment and all around you will be amazing due to design that is more than just aesthetics. 

Design is a sensation. A feeling that in one of their properties you will get.

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