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Are you impressed by the tall buildings, aesthetic residential apartments, and vibrant projects that make your eyes stick to them? Well, you are lucky to know about Dubai properties then. Dubai is the hub of tremendous and colossal real estate properties and Dubai properties are one of the brilliant and exceptional property developers who are setting high standards nationally and internationally.Read more

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Dubai Properties is the pioneer and expert property developer based in the United Arab Emirates who manages to shape several of the most famous and notable destinations in Dubai. Dubai Properties is a diverse and forward-looking company dedicated to the creation and management of reputable construction and newly constructed ventures in Dubai that offer residents with distinguished and fulfilling lifestyles. Dubai Properties provides a deeper knowledge of the basic needs of domestic owning and overseas buyers with over 15 years of commitment and experience in residential properties. It also provides creative real estate and luxurious lifestyle options.

The adventure of Dubai Properties started in 2002 with the start of Estithmaar Realty, global property development and assets management firm which played a vital role in Dubai’s emerging real estate sector. The Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), which is known as the greatest one-stage residential property.

After the creation of JBR, a range of perks came up with this development that facilitated the economic, social, industrial, and technical growth of Dubai Properties. Dubai Properties developed into a Dubai Holding (DH) subsidiaries, which is a global investment firm holding company with values and goals in 24 countries in 2005.

Moreover, Dubai Properties has become proficient in property development and has been the perfect example of mastering the arts of property management. Dubai Properties is a developer and builder through over decades of industrial experience currently who has strategically formulated objectives to build destinations that enhance Dubai’s status as a regional option for locals, foreign companies as well as tourism.

Dubai Properties is Dubai Holding’s property production division. Its diverse property portfolio includes modern cultural residential and business mixed developmental projects. Dubai Properties is ideally capable of meeting the multiple and growing demands of Dubai to facilitate the long term and continual growth of Dubai's real estate market with a successful track record in designing, growing, and controlling a very balanced range of portfolios.

Dubai Properties delivers exclusive lifestyles, industrial, and corporate environments along with tourist places by creating smart and strategic destinations. Dubai Properties seems to use expertise in the real estate sector and managing the property, together with their Ejadah facility management unit, to build lifestyles that strengthen new construction, trade and made by mixed-use developed projects. It contains several projects like Villas in Dubai, Apartments in Dubai for sale, etc.

There comes an extensive range of popular property developments that have been the eye-catching symbol of their profile portfolios since they initially started. They are as follows:

Popular Developments by Dubai Properties:

In Mediterranean culture, Serena is an initiative for families and communities. The creation and property of Serena are widely known. Serena townhouses that are constructed and built by Dubai properties that are reasonably priced for two and three bedrooms. Central Plaza in Serena has a pleasant Spanish culture. Dubai Properties invites the group to have fun, share a meal, and shop their favorites. The interior layout has ceilings covered with tiles and exquisite textures, flexible designs, and the highest comfort influenced by Spanish houses. From where people can easily satisfy the requirements of people who invest in this property. Serena offers new houses without extra possible cost with exceptional comfort and large interiors. This place is more like a paradise of leisure and recreation which is just a hop from your door. The colorful Spanish Plaza is more like a superior destination for locals and tourists. The modern community centers of Serena are the best way to discover all the day-to-day requirements of luxury living. There are all the elements present in this residential property that makes the ideal gateway to productive home designs are elegance and a sense of solitude.

Dubai Cultural Village :-
You can now discover Dubai Creek's new cultural hub, the forthcoming project of Culture Village, comprising harbor, economic, display, and waterfront growth, stretches over three million square meters along the river of Dubai. The Culture Village has numerous neighborhoods, including residential, industrial, retail, and business areas. Thanks to its architectural style reflecting traditional Arabic origins, Culture Village shines bright in Dubai with its advanced materials. The goal is to focus more on multicultural projects in the region. Many organizations encourage literacy, music, dance, handicrafts, art, and much more. The Manazel Al Khor, the Palazzo Versace, and the D1 tower are the big projects in the city. Thanks to its architectural style reflecting traditional Arabic origins, Culture Village shines bright in Dubai with its advanced materials.

Popular Projects by Dubai Properties:

JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence):-
The best place to shop and eat dinner by the shore along the trendy waterfront line, this is what Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) is. There is a lot to fulfill your retail needs, with a wide range of style and design, homemade shops, and antique shops along that same busy beachfront boulevards. The availability of outdoor pop-up shops, where you'll see stands of jewelers, snacks, and home-cooks and entertainment by road performers, is yet another feature of attraction.

Casa Dora:-
Casa Dora is a project that has bought a revolution to the Serena townhouses. There are two and three bedrooms, all of them with a maid 's room, inspired by Portuguese. AED 1,34 million prices begin with a simple 40/60 schedule of payments. The project is scheduled to finish in 2020. Casa Dora in Serena has big lush and natural areas, modern designs, and many facilities guarantee a peaceful atmosphere and a relaxed lifestyle. Dubai Properties launched Casa Dora, the next step of the renowned Serena neighborhood in Dubai after the commercial introduction of Bella Casa at Serena.

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Overall, Dubai Property Project provides a wide range of real estate options ranging from luxury waterfront projects to family-friendly accommodation, as well as existing leisure and commercial destinations, to add value to those who wish to stay, play and work therein.

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