It's not just the privilege to live on the water's edge; it is both body and spirit therapy. We've been curating some of Dubai's greatest and most sumptuous waterfront and beachfront properties to give you a comfortable and revitalizing lifestyle.

We have a variety of the latest waterfront and beachfront properties to suit your needs whether you are looking for a beautiful view of the beach or whether you prefer to watch the sunset through the beautiful Dubai Canal.

Dubai has more than just houses on the waterfront and beachfront. Every property is in a separate community with luxury amenities nearby.

Not only this, there are several cheap and luxury waterfront and beachfront properties for sale at very reasonable prices.

Speaking of the waterfront properties, for many people, living on the waterfront is a fantasy and there are so many incentives to invest in it. It is difficult to choose a variety of options from all the schemes in Dubai. Here are a few waterfront properties for you list down below to make it easier for you to select from in the city.

Ready For Sale Waterfront Homes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:
  • Waterside Residence Palace Residences: