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The Parkside Rawda Apartments are located in Town Square Dubai, in a prime park-side place and it offers stunning views of Dubai Park Town Square, the boulevard, and the courtyard too. Additionally, you can enjoy a wide range of modern lifestyle facilities and amenities such as swimming pools, kids' private gyms, playing areas, etc. On Town Square, you won't be worrying about anything, because everything you need is present here and your loved ones would love to spent every moment here. 

Furthermore, it is near the Al Qudra & Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, your life will become as you would have pictured in your dreams while you continue to explore the city. This proximity will let you discover the new places in Dubai which will make you feel speechless, mesmerizing views of the city and beautiful skyline will make you even more excited about your life in Dubai. 

Dubai's Town Square is a fantastic location that clearly defines the idea of architectural styles in urban living. This astonishing development provides families happiness into the most peaceful and comfortable stages where they will love this development to the max. Town Square is a beautiful venue, there is a special central park located, as well as several lush and green areas where you can discover, stroll, walk or run or even have fun just by enjoying your bikes.

Not only this, but this is one of the most appealing developmental projects which promise you plenty of facilities like purchasing items, enjoying eating your favorite food, and practicing many recreational activities. Therefore, A multitude of foreign conveniences ends up making this development a great location to value your aspirations of life!

Parkside  Apartments is a combination of both the mixes of conventional and modern architectural styles in a beautiful way with their designs and layouts. Parkside Rawda Apartments with its beautiful architecture, and its abundance of restaurants, stores, pools, and other facilities, is indeed a perfect living spot. 

Parkside  is designed to be a beautiful place more like a paradise to enjoy a memorable time during the year. The New Parkside  Apartments 2020 2021  integrate the far more impressive indoor environment in a comfortable and spacious layout with modern leisure facilities and conveniences. Along with this, they offer an incredible 500,000 square meters of floor space which makes it  a roomy and comfortable apartment.

Every apartment offers you fitted fixtures and furnished spaces with apartments ranging from 2 to 3 bedrooms. This is totally what you are looking for.

Parkside Apartments 2020 is a perfect place that is a very economical and elegant apartment at the same time. It also offers a quick and flexible payment plan. This flexible payment plan provides an opportunity for the overseas buyers as well as the local investors to invest in this “dream come true” developmental project. 

So, you can enjoy many advantages, the first one is that you get to reside in a dream home which is present in the world’s most luxurious and modern city.



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