Wahat Al Zaweya

Developements in Wahat Al Zaweya

It is Implemented on stages and considered the premier and largest project in Al Ain – Abu Dhabi. Wahat Al Zaweya is exclusively and solely limited to the property of the UAE citizens, offering them access to ownership of plots or real estate.

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# Project Name Developer Name Starting Price Development Name Completion
1 District 200 in Wahat Al Zaweya Wahat Al Zaweya Real Estate and Investment AED 289,000 ,
2 Aryaf Villas Wahat Al Zaweya Real Estate and Investment AED 2,964,310
3 Nasayem Villas Wahat Al Zaweya Real Estate and Investment AED 3,022,976
4 Waha Living Villas Wahat Al Zaweya Real Estate and Investment AED 2,928,928
Starting From AED 289,000
District 200 by Wahat Al Zaweya Company for Investment and Real Estate Development is a stunning residential projec [more]
Starting From AED 2,964,310
3,391 ft2
Starting From AED 2,928,928
2,767 ft2
Starting From AED 3,022,976
2,767 ft2

The construction of developed recreational projects and utilities are: schools, health care centers, gardens and a desert resort, will add to the combination of these residences to the surrounding natural views. This is a pioneering concept in the United Arab Emirates which provides access to further development of brand new enterprises.

Wahat Al Zaweya Development:

Wahat Al Zaweya is a 22.7-million square meter master development in the area of Al Faqa in Al Ain.. The project will comprise holiday or weekend homes that co-exist with a host of other developments, such as: a desert resort, internationally affiliated educational institutes, world class healthcare facilities including hospitals and diagnostic centers, retail malls and shops. It is obvious that upon completion, the project will be an example of cultural integration and socio-economic development for the Al Faqaa corridor and its neighboring localities.

Wahat Al Zaweya Community:
Wahat Al Zaweya is an eco-friendly, self sustainable, mixed–use community, covering over 22.7 million sq.m in the Faqaa corridor of Al Ain region. The project is possibly the first and largest project in the Al Ain region to offer freehold title for locals and the Company has envisioned the project to become an ideal weekend and getaway destination for local Emiratis

Wahat Al Zaweya Facilities and Amenities:
The environment friendly project has open space design that encompasses all the needs of a community, from recreational areas and parks, to mosques, schools, healthcare centers, sports centers, library, police station, post and municipal offices and a resort.

Wahat Al Zaweya Location:
Wahat Al Zaweya is centrally located from the urban dubai, industrial and tourism centers of the Al Ain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Hatta. The E14 road situated on the north side of the site connects the project to KIZAD. While, the E33 connects the project to Abu Dhabi and the E55 connects the project to Hatta. Many of the international airports such as Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Dubai World Central etc comes within a radius of 50km distance from the project site. The site is also accessible from the E66 through the existing dumbbell interchanges and will be potentially connected to E14 and E33. The site has a rural and urban settlement in the immediate surroundings such as Al Faqa’a, Shwaib, Al Hayer, Nahil and Sweihan.

Wahat Al Zaweya Properties for Sale:
As of now, most of the residential properties for sale in Wahat Al Zaweya are Villas, and then comes Apartment buildings. With the ready plans, there are on-going off plan properties in the area also which are in high demand as well.

Wahat Al Zaweya Villas for Sale:
1. Waha Living Villas by Wahat Al Zaweya
2. Aryaf Villas by Wahat at Maraha Al Zaweya
3. Nasayem Villas by Wahat Al Zaweya
Wahat Al Zaweya Apartments for Sale
1. District 200 by Wahat Al Zaweya Real Estate