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Wahat Al Zaweya

Wahat Al Zaweya, the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange company (ADX), has taken a distinguished route in real estate development, who is a Real Estate Master developer with a special approach.

Toward a higher level of property growth, the company has introduced a range of incomparable residential and commercial projects that have been a powerful source of investment for the property sector in the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

In a few years, using creative ideas, Wahat Al Zaweya has tried to retain a strong role in the Real Estate market as a trusted partner and as a crucial figure to forecast emerging business perspectives.

Wahat Al Zaweya has been motivated by Abu Dabi vision 2030, in its ventures which obviously meet ecological safety regulations, and encourage environmental practices, such as home-growing, a sustainable economy program.

Mega Projects by Wahat Al Zaweya

Wahat Al Zaweya introduced several mega-projects with strong direction and diligent work in the future, including Wahat Al Zaweya and Wahat Yas, within and outside the region.

Wahat Al Zaweya has been eager to follow a clear monetary plan with customers and has introuced versatile real estate heavy investment, which allows both buyers and potential home buyers to obtain the credibility of their companies.

Why choose What Al Zaweya?

The Wahat AlZaweya Project has been planned as a city of all super-luxury aspects since its creation in the year 2013, built to make its people and citizens the greatest in the world in a respected way of life in accordance with the purpose of the United Arab Emirates. This is enhanced by offering affordable, high-quality accommodation that encourages healthy living by the intellectuals behind the whole incredible Abu Dhabi house.

Wahat Al Zaweya is associated with Abu Dhabi with a comfortable lifestyle. It is one of the leading industrial residential projects in the world, covering more than 23 million square ft.

Friendly funding is the key investment choice for the people of the United Arab Emirates for the Wahat Al Zaweya project. Up to 6 years, including 3 years after delivery, you can easily pay. The comfortable investment decides to conduct the customer-oriented approach of Wahat Al Zaweya, which covers all its projects.

Location Wahat Al Zaweya

Wahat Yas Town, located in a unique location 5 minutes from Yas Mall and Ferrari World, was revealed in 2018. There are many residential and commercial areas in Wahat Yas, as well as numerous amenities, modern equipment, mosques, parks, schools, shopping, utilities, and a promenade looking Yas waterfront.

Nearby Places in Wahat Al Zaweya

Shopping malls in Wahat Al Zaweya

  • Al-Ain Mall

  • Al Moah Mall

Hotels in Wahat Al Zaweya

  • Al Maha luxury collection desert resort

Hospitals and Clinics in Wahat Al Zaweya

  • NMC Specialty hospitals Al Ain

  • Oasis Hospital

  • Al Noor Hospital

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