Paradise Lakes Tower


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Paradise Lake Towers

A few residential and commercial projects are in Ajman, Emirates City. It is made up of several buildings of high elevations. This area located near is among the most popular roads in the UAE, the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. It is classified as the residential elite neighborhood of Ajman. If you want a budget-friendly apartment, see Emirates City apartments for sale.

Located in Ajman, Emirates City, Paradise Lake Towers is a series of upstairs buildings that add a beautiful touch to the town. These buildings provide visitors with a direct and wide view of the luxuriant green setting. This project's name is influenced by the lake in front of the buildings. These towers feature a quiet atmosphere, large parking areas, ideally built living rooms, a pool, a gym, and a private jacuzzi.

Paradise Lake Towers Features

  • Real Estate project of Sweet Homes LLC

  • Emirates City Apartment Complex

  • The towers are 8 and each has 25 floors.

  • Apartments available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms

  • 5 parking levels

  • Four elevators of high speed

  • Pool and playground for children available

  • Building is Freehold

Parking in Paradise Lake Towers

The paradise lakes tower car park contains 5 levels of basement. the car parks are enormous enough for all residents to be able to handle the visitors.

Elevators in Paradise Lake Towers

Every building at paradise lakes towers has 4 lifts to make residents and guests comfortable. These lifts adhere to requirements of quality and protection.

Protection, air condition, and service maintenance in Paradise Lake Towers

Personnel and security staff are available 24 hours a day to address potential problems. the developers of this complex have taken many steps to ensure security and safety. 

Gym facility and fitness in Paradise Lake Towers

A swimming pool and a children's pool are available in paradise lakes. all the occupants of these buildings can use those pools. the swimming pools are built for a large crowd.

Facilities for living in Paradise Lake Towers

The Paradise Lakes Towers are the most prominent residential neighborhood of Ajman. These buildings have a safe atmosphere in which you can live without stress. These buildings give their residents comfort and a beautiful green atmosphere, far from the commercial areas. They also provide children with recreation and a playground.

Guest services in Paradise Lake Towers

This complex has a quiet and welcoming atmosphere. The 24-hour concierge and guest services are available at Paradise Lakes Towers. Regardless of the problem you face, an individual can always be found at the front desk to serve your problems.

Paradise Lake Towers an Animal friendly community

This is an animal-friendly complex.

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