Palm Jumeirah

Developements in Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is Dubai’s self-styled “eighth wonder of the world”

Palm Jumeirah–Dubai, is the result of six years of smart planning and land reclamation, The Palm, Jumeirah lies just off Dubai’s coastline. It forms part of The Palm Islands, beside The Palm, Jebel Ali and The Palm, Deira, the world’s three largest manmade islands.The Palm, Jumeirah measures 5km², has created 560ha of land and has added 78.6km to the country’s 72km coastline.

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# Project Name Developer Name Starting Price Development Name Completion
1 Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel by Emerald Palace Group Emerald Palace Group (EPG) AED 2,882,013
2 The Palm Tower Nakheel Properties AED 1,702,400 ,
3 Azure Residences Nakheel Properties AED 2,553,400 ,
4 22 Carat Penthouse Palm Jumeirah Forum Group AED 60,000,000 ,
5 22 Carat Emerald Villas Palm Jumeirah Forum Group AED 42,205,000 ,
6 22 Carat Sapphire Villas Palm Jumeirah Forum Group AED 91,750,000 ,
7 22 Carat Ruby Villas Palm Jumeirah Forum Group AED 38,535,000 ,
8 Seven Hotel Apartments Seven Tides International ,
9 Zabeel Saray Royal Residences Meraas Properties AED 22,000,000 , ,
10 One Palm Luxury Apartments Omniyat AED 12,840,000
11 Anantara Residences Seven Tides International AED 1,500,000
12 Mina by Azizi Azizi Developments AED 2,423,656
13 Royal Bay Azizi Developments
14 The Alef Residences Al Sharq Investment AED 15,000,000
15 The 8 by IFA Hotels and Resorts IFA Hotels & Resorts AED 2,450,000
16 XXII Carat Club Villa Forum Group AED 25,000,000
17 Balqis Residence Townhouses IFA Hotels & Resorts AED 13,234,500
18 Balqis Residence Villas IFA Hotels & Resorts AED 18,500,000
19 Balqis Residence Apartments IFA Hotels & Resorts AED 3,750,000
20 Se7en Residences Seven Tides International AED 751,027
21 Ellington Palm Villas Ellington Properties AED 21,000,000
Starting From AED 2,882,013
Emerald Palace Kempinski Hotel by Emerald Palace Group is a resort hotel project offering a selection of luxury sui [more]
Starting From AED 1,702,400
The Palm Tower in Palm Jumeirah is till date one of the most applauded and recognized developmental properties by N [more]
Starting From AED 2,553,400
As the name rightfully describes, Azure Residences is a proper epitome of Nirvana! Of all the things Dubai is famou [more]
Starting From AED 60,000,000
The 22 Carat Penthouse is a one-of-a-kind phase of the XXII Carat Club project in Palm Jumeirah. This luxury pentho [more]
Starting From AED 42,205,000
22 Carat Emerald Villas is one of the three mansion districts of the XXII Carat Club Villas project located in the [more]
Starting From AED 91,750,000
22 Carat Sapphire Villas is among three mansion districts of the XXII Carat Club Villas project located in the worl [more]
Starting From AED 38,535,000
22 Carat Ruby Villas is one of the mansion districts of the XXII Carat Club Villas project in the astonishing Palm [more]
Starting From
Seven Hotel Apartments by Seven Tides International is a range of luxury hotel apartments located in the trunk of t [more]
Starting From AED 22,000,000
Starting From AED 1,500,000
530 ft2
Starting From AED 2,423,656
1,210 ft2
Starting From
1,326 ft2
Starting From AED 15,000,000 Direct Access To The Beach
4,800 ft2
Starting From AED 2,450,000
The 8 by Ifa Hotels and Resorts is a U shaped elevated structure situated on western crescent of Palm Jumeirah, an [more]
886 ft2
Starting From AED 25,000,000
7,750 ft2
Starting From AED 13,234,500
8,823 ft2
Starting From AED 18,500,000
17,103 ft2
Starting From AED 3,750,000
2,030 ft2

Palm Jumeirah’s brief history of construction:

At the crest of construction, 40,000 employees were working on the project each day. Instead of concrete slabs, the foundations of The Palm were created from 7 million tons of rock blasted from the nearby Hajar Mountains. And while the desert emirate is surrounded by sand, 120 million cubic metres of the stuff were dredged from the bottom of the sea to form the island. In fact, the amount of rock and sand used in Palm Jumeirah’s construction could form a 2m-wide wall that would circle the globe three times, that is how turning 94 million cubic metres of sand and seven million tons of rock into a leisure and lifestyle resort fit for the 21st century and beyond.

Palm Jumeirah properties for sale:

A broad range of international property is available to be purchased in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates with Prime locations. Different types of properties are for sale here, made by the renown builders and developers. As far as the residential projects are concerned, there are many varieties of projects can be found for sale and some of them are such as, Palm Jumeirah villas, Palm Jumeirah houses, Palm Jumeirah townhouses and Palm Jumeirah apartments. There are numerous projects you can find in this wonderland, and still there are off-plans for the consideration.

Lengthening Dubai’s shoreline by 520 kilometers, Palm Jumeirah is an iridescent jewel right in the heart of the city, which enjoys a 360-degree view of the spectacular crystal blue waters of the Arabian Gulf and the city’s breathtaking, iconic skyline.

Following is the list of few properties at Palm Jumeirah for sale.

1- Ellington Palm Villas by Ellington Properties
2- Balqis Residence Villas by IFA Hotels & Resorts
3- XXII Carat Club Villa by Forum Group
4- 22 Carat Emerald Villas by Forum Group
5- 22 Carat Sapphire Villas by Forum Group
6- 22 Carat Ruby Villas by Forum Group

Palm Jumeirah apartments List for sale:

1- One Palm Luxury Apartments by Omniyat
2- The Palm Tower by Nakheel Properties
3- Se7en Residences by Seven Tides International
4- Balqis Residence Apartments by IFA Hotels & Resorts
5- The Alef Residences by Al Sharq Investment
6- Royal Bay by Azizi Developments

Palm Jumeirah Townhuses for sale:

1- Balqis Residence Townhouses by FA Hotels & Resorts
2- The 8 by IFA Hotels and Resorts

The Lifestyle for Palm Jumeirah’s residents:

As Dubai’s leading coastal estate, Palm Jumeirah provides matchless tranquility, comfort, and relaxation to its residents. Glancing the beautiful sunset by the beach and strolling along its curved footpath are some of the best ways to experience its relaxing, soothing ambiance and leisurely beach lifestyle. With many delightful restaurants and attractive cafes sitting alongside gorgeously landscaped parks, residents are afforded with a great selection of culinary varieties. Nightlife in Palm Jumeirah is as vibrant as its environment with the boulevard of world-class hotels that line its open-air grounds, while for those wanting to experience thrilling water adventures, an array of water-sports facilities is available as well.

Palm Jumeirah’s highlights:

Atlantis, The Palm: Extending across 46 hectares, 17 of which are dedicated to the water park alone, the world famous Atlantis, The Palm is one of Dubai’s most sought-after leisure and entertainment attractions. It features a five-star luxury hotel with stunning views of the azure Arabian Gulf and a plethora of exciting marine adventures perfect for the whole family.

Palm Jumeirah Monorail: The Palm Jumeirah Monorail is the first monorail in the Middle East. It is 5.4 kilometers long and connects Palm Jumeirah to the mainland. An extension to Dubai Metro’s Red Line is being planned to provide residents and visitors additional ease of access to and from the island.

Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk: The Boardwalk is a 11-kilometre walkway that stretches across the outer crescent of the mesmerizing The Palm. Built exclusively for pedestrians, it will host a great selection of food trucks, kiosks, and cafes.

Luxury Hotels: For dine, spa and other amenities the Palm Jumeirah positions its residents close to a variety of luxury five star hotels including, One and Only The Palm, Sofitel, Anantara, Waldorf Astoria and the W Hotel.

Living a life in Palm Jumeirah as a resident is, not less than living up a dream life. The exuberant environment is indeed quite energetic yet calm, peaceful, leisurely and secured for the residents.