Nurai Island


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Nurai Island

Nurai Island is an artificial holiday spot, separated from the area. It can be reached by ferry and boat within a few minutes from the coast of Abu Dhabi. Nurai Island is one of Abu Dhabi's top touristic attractions, with its luxury resorts, oceanfront spas, holiday homes, beach clubs, and several delicious food restaurants and bars all render Nurai Island a highly anticipated touristic destination.

The island offers a lot for a romantic set up or family holiday as well as luxury private islands and 11 hectares of pristine white sandy beaches. Zaya Nurai Island is home to a 5-star beach resort, which offers children and adults a wide variety of facilities and experiences.

About Nurai Island

Near dense trees, soft white sand, and calm waters this exclusive island resort is beautifully built. Nurai is a small natural island that has become a high-end property for residential and hotel use. You can happily spend about an hour walking around the whole area. The island has a fresh environment and a safe atmosphere, so many vehicles on the street are not visible. Visitors and residents enjoy fun on land, beach watersports, or an activity sponsored by the resort, as it is an actively engaged group.

Nurai Island Features

  • Constructed in Abu Dhabi on the Arab Gulf.

  • Abu Dhabi's shoreline is 15 minutes away

  • One of Abu Dhabi's best home islands

  • Saadiyat Beach and airport and near and easily accessible.

  • Provides spacious vacation homes with a sea view

  • The 5-star resort and the beach clubhouse and a seaside spa

  • A famous holiday destination for couples, families, and friends

  • Celebrity guests come for beach parties, market meetings, concerts, etc.

On the island, there are some areas surrounded by trees while others are picturesque. There are brief gaps between sandy channels, mocktail bars, and surfboard counters. A helipad is also installed at the top of the resort. Through prior reservations and arrangements, visitors can come via boats or ferries. Nadia Zaal, which has been associated with the construction of Al Barari, an exclusive residential address in Dubai, has developed the 5-star resort of Zaya Nurai Island.

Properties in Nurai Island

Nurai provides a wide variety of properties from 1 and 2 beachfront villas to luxurious 6-bedroom villas. A swift journey down the Street shows a variety of luxury properties for sale on the Nurai Island from up to AED 12M. They are typically high-value properties for tourists and holiday homes who are searching for lucrative returns. Although no property on Nurai Island is available for rent from now on, there are opportunities for those who intend a shorter break in the five-star resort.

These self-contained properties are enclosed by glass doors and provide sea views. Every Nurai Island four-bed villa offers luxury lifestyle facilities including gourmet minibars, outdoor lounges, and dining areas, outdoor baths, and pools, and living rooms. A common option is 4-bedroom water villas. You can take the property portion of the Zaya Nurai Island Resort to account if you are searching for a personal retreat. The Resort's offerings feature one-bedded Beach Villas, 2-bedded Beach Houses, two-bedded Beach View Apartments, four-bed Water Villas, and five-bedded Estate Villas. Both properties include palm-fringed gardens and terraces and have at least one private infinity swimming pool.

Nurai Island Location

Located off the shore of Abu Dhabi

The resort is built on the Arabian Gulf

A 15 to 20-minute boat ride from Saadiyat Island

Next to Ras Al Ghurab Island

A 25 to 30-minute taxi ride away from Abu Dhabi International Airport

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