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Dubai World Central

A broad multi-phase creation that is the vision of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is the Dubai World central or DWC. The project was soon evolved and renamed Dubai South in 2015.

Extended over 145 sq. area. Km, this groundbreaking project was initiated in 2006 under the flagship of the government as a free and free-range growth area. It is planned to provide a sustainable community, including transport, leisure facilities, commercial enterprises, jobs, and more, with all the facilities in the city. After it is done, DWC will have eight districts to serve the residential, industry, golfing, exhibition, logistics, aviation, and other sectors.

The slogan of Dubai South is "City of You," with its multi-dimensional project, it is expected to draw thousands of people, staff, investors, and visitors.

Dubai World Central property has great demand because it is situated near Dubai’s main districts and is close to the Expo 2020 site. Dubai International Airport.

Dubai World Central Features

  • South Dubai is its new name

  • A great multi-faceted 8 district project

  • An autonomous metropolis linked to Dubai's main areas

  • For families who want to linger luxuriously

  • Several apartments are available for rent and sale 

Dubai World Central Neighborhood

DWC is a well-planned community that offers luxury lifestyle amenities. The city is rising fast to accommodate an estimated one million inhabitants. Tall buildings with apartments available for rent or sale in DWC dominate the residential district. The developers intend to build a whole new community focused on the health of its inhabitants with world-class living facilities in the suburbs.

Properties in Dubai World Central

Phase 2 is named the Residential district or Residential City of Dubai World Central, stretching over 184 hectares. Large villas and apartment buildings on five or ten floors form a large portion of the project. The Pulse and the Villages contain a combination of townhouses and homes inn DWC, the first two residential sub-communities.

There are about 822 apartments in the Pulse area. There are 324 townhouses in the project. The Villages, in turn, plans to include 20,000 homes, townhouses, villas, and lofts in their residential units.

Supermarkets in Dubai World Central

In Logistics City there is a ZOOM mart branch that can be reached from the residential district within 8 minutes. It consists of a large variety of foodstuffs and a small café. Another choice at DWC, located near Gate 5, is the Grand Supermarket.

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