Damac Hills

Developements in Damac Hills

DAMAC Hills Project Overview:
DAMAC Hills features a premium collection of luxurious residential properties including mansions, villas, townhouses and apartments spread across a 42 Million square feet vast landscape. Staying true to its elegance, the community boasts first-of-its-kind properties in Dubai, featuring collaborations with some of the world-renowned brands such as Fendi Casa and Paramount Hotels & Resorts. The outdoor at DAMAC Hills is also breathtakingly beautiful, its properly curate wide spaces, lush green surroundings, and the remarkable Trump International Golf Club Dubai, an 18-hole championship golf course, compliments well to the community’s high-end lifestyle offerings. This gated community has world-class retail, leisure spaces and 400,000 square meters of lush green parkland, all scattered around the Trump International Golf Course. All properties are designed with a modern and contemporary finish and offers panoramic views over the golf course or the spectacular Dubai skyline.

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# Project Name Developer Name Starting Price Development Name Completion
1 Golf Town Apartments Damac Properties AED 1,070,000
2 Kiara Furnished Apartments Damac Properties AED 953,000 ,
3 Bellavista Tower at Damac Hills Damac Properties AED 437,000 ,
4 Radisson Hotel Damac Properties AED 825,300 ,
5 Carson Towers Damac Properties AED 544,000 ,
6 Trump Estate at Damac Hills Damac Properties AED 5,417,000
7 Damac Hills – The Flora Damac Properties AED 3,129,000
8 Orchid by Damac at Damac Hills Damac Properties AED 867,000
9 DAMAC Hills – Pelham Damac Properties AED 2,909,000
10 The Turf Villas at Damac Hills Damac Properties AED 3,870,000
11 Trump Estates Park Residence Damac Properties AED 2,960,000
12 The Field at Damac Hills Damac Properties AED 3,982,000
13 The Park Villas Damac Properties AED 2,500,000
14 Trinity by DAMAC Damac Properties AED 3,066,000
15 Golf Vita Apartments by DAMAC Damac Properties AED 564,000
16 Artesia at DAMAC Hills Damac Properties AED 652,000
17 Damac Hills – Golf Veduta Damac Properties AED 2,009,000
18 Damac Hills – Golf Promenade Damac Properties AED 873,000
19 Fendi Styled Villas by Damac Properties at Damac Hills Damac Properties AED 2,552,000
20 Silver Springs by DAMAC Damac Properties AED 8,006,000
21 Rochester Villas by Damac Damac Properties AED 2,721,000
22 Jasmine by DAMAC Damac Properties AED 1,512,000
23 Damac Hills – Golf Terrace Damac Properties AED 1,532,000
24 Damac Hills Trump Estate Damac Properties AED 5,924,000
25 Damac Hills – Golf Horizon Damac Properties AED 1,723,000
26 Golf Condominiums and Townhouses Damac Properties AED 1,203,000
27 Damac Hills – Golf Vista Damac Properties AED 1,723,000
28 Damac Hills – Loreto Damac Properties AED 796,000
Starting From AED 1,070,000 Easy Payment Plan Options With 4% Dld Waiver
Golf Town Apartments at Damac Hills Golf Town at Damac Hills is a recently launched residential project by the famo [more]
Starting From AED 953,000 2% Dld Wavier + 5 Yrs Post Handover Payment Plan
Kiara Furnished Apartments at Damac Hills – Dubai   Kiara Apartments by Damac Properties Kiara Apartment [more]
Starting From AED 437,000 Easy & Flexible Payment Plan
Starting From AED 825,300
Being the very first residential and hospitality development in the Damac Hills offering a plethora of studio, 1BR [more]
Starting From AED 544,000
Carson Towers is a selection of premier apartments located in renowned golf community of DAMAC Hills. These premier [more]
Starting From AED 5,417,000
4,859 ft2
Starting From AED 3,129,000
3,480 ft2
Starting From AED 867,000
641 ft2
Starting From AED 2,909,000
2,424 ft2
Starting From AED 3,870,000
4,481 ft2
Starting From AED 2,960,000
3,505 ft2
Starting From AED 3,982,000
3,487 ft2
Starting From AED 2,500,000
0 ft2
Starting From AED 3,066,000
2,787 ft2
Starting From AED 564,000
433 ft2
Starting From AED 652,000
473 ft2
Starting From AED 2,009,000
1,471 ft2
Starting From AED 873,000
602 ft2

DAMAC Hills Location:
It is located along Umm Suqeim Road in Dubai, enabling easy access to the rest of the city conveniently located next to the Arabian Ranches within the western quarter of Dubai. DAMAC Hills allows easy access to the main road network including Emirates Road, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and Umm Suqeim Road, making it easier for residents to travel going in and out the community.

DAMAC Hills Recreation and Leisure:
Damac Hills’ dynamic outdoor setup serves as an ideal venue for a wide range of recreation and leisure facilities located across the community. Residents can access the exclusive 30,000 square-foot clubhouse that features high-end restaurants, luxurious spa, and wellness centre. There are also plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors at Damac Hills, numerous recreational and sports facilities including parks, picnic & BBQ area, splash pad, swimming pool, and children’s play area as well as golf course, football pitch, and game courts are positioned across the community.

DAMAC Hills Properties:
DAMAC Hills offers finest residential properties for sale in Dubai. Buyers and investors can choose among apartments for sale consisting of studios, 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom units at The Park Residences. For ultra-lavish homes, The Trump Estates at DAMAC Hills provides numerous selection of premium villas for sale and opulent mansions. The community also features Hollywood-themed homes perfectly positioned at DAMAC Villas by Paramount Hotels & Resorts and signature limited edition villas at Fendi Casa.

List of DAMAC Hills Projects:
There are abundance of high quality property projects are available in DAMAC Hills inclusive of ready to move and also many are off-plan. Some of the names are listed below for a perusal:-

Claren Towers (Complex), Clayton Residency, Club Vista Mare, Collective at Dubai Hills, D1 Tower, Diamond Views 1, Diamond Views 2, Diamond Views 3, Diamond Views 4, Discovery Gardens, Trump Estates Park Residence, Golf Vita Apartments, Silver Springs, Golf Condominiums and Townhouses, Damac Hills – Loreto, Damac Hills – Golf Vista, Damac Hills Trump Estate.

DAMAC Hills Villas for Sale:
1. The Park Villas by DAMAC Properties
2. The Trump Estates by DAMAC Properties
3. Queens Meadow by DAMAC Properties
4. Piccadilly Green by DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Hills Townhouses for Sale:
1. Piccadilly Green by DAMAC Properties
2. Rockwood by DAMAC Properties
3. Queens Meadow by DAMAC Properties
4. Golf Condominiums by DAMAC Properties
DAMAC Hills Apartments for Sale:
1. Damac Hills – Loreto by DAMAC Properties
2. Orchid by DAMAC Properties
3. Golf Condominiums by DAMAC Properties
4. Topanga by DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Hills is a right choice for those who prefer Luxury and Comfort together on their Peak.