Damac Hills

It spans 42 million square ft. DAMAC Hills has some mixed-use characteristics. Situated on al-Qudra road (D63), this property has neighbors, sports, spa, fitness, and recreation activities. Damachillsproperties (DAMAC Akoya) is one of the most popular locations for villas. The Trump International Golf Club is mainly organized around the city. A Trump Clubhouse also has a golf complex that boasts restaurants, state-of-the-art pools, gyms, and a fitness club.Read more


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DAMAC Hill's New projects Features:

. Developing a golf culture

. Accessible high-end freeholds

. Apartments and villas available for rent and sale

. Characteristics of shopping and accommodation

. A special culture, far from the city center

DAMAC Hill's Neighborhood:

Damac New Projects in dubai is a quiet residential area with different varieties of apartments, resorts, and luxury villas for sale and rent relatively near to quickly evolving neighborhoods in Dubai, Remraam, and Motor City. There are also several new apartments in DAMAC Hills available for affordable rent now. There are many types of houses, town halls, and villas for rent and sale in DAMAK Hills. There are numerous properties. Freehold properties in the neighborhood are more common because a few enclaves continue to be established.

New DAMAC Hill's projects Communities:

There are three main communities: Akoya Park, Akoya Drive, and the Trump International Golf Club. 

Huge 4 million sq. ft. is Akoya Park with peaceful villas, promenades, and waterways. Akoya Drive provides a variety of high-end restaurants, stores, and entertainment options for the family.

Akoya Drive is influenced by Rodeo Drive in the Champs Elysées and Beverly Hills in Paris. It continues by introducing to the leisure track an ice rink, a cinema, and several hotels. A few hotel flats can be found at DAMAC Hills for rent.

In addition, an important feature of the area is the 18-hole Trump International Golf Course. It provides many facilities, along with several other premium villas with views of the course. In addition, the club provides an Amphitheatre for all local activities.

The region includes flats, townhouses in collaboration with Fendi, the Trump Organisation, Paramount Hotels & Resorts, and luxury-inspired villas. Many subcommunities are addressed later in this area, like Rockwood, Queens Meadows, and a couple of others.

The Golf Path, a popular segment of the DAMAC Hills Dubai Golf Town, is first identified. These are new buildings for low-rise apartments with some lower-floor villas. Apartments can be rented from 32k AED annually to 112k AED in the Golf Promenade. There are also studio apartments to choose from with spacious 3-bedroom apartments. A balcony is a popular feature of each apartment with a view of the golf course.

Loreto is a low-rise glass building with a sight of the park. A blend of apartments, 1 and 2-bedrooms, as well as some townhouses, are also included. About AED 27k per year is the lowest rented studio in Loretto.

A typical 2-bedroom apartment on sale in Loretto will value you between AED 1 M and AED 1,7 M if you are willing to invest

Trinity is the third-largest sub-community on the list with a combination of townhouses and villas. Private gardens and expansive indoors are featured here. The Golf Vista and the DAMAC Villas by Paramount Hotels and Resorts (a further residential block in the golf town) are the 4th and 5th most suitable attractions.