Al Mamzar

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Al Mamzar

Al Mamzar Dubai is one of the longest surviving projects in the waterfront in the Northeastern region. The area is still under development and facilitates many people, intending to provide more houses, offices, and recreation. Located on the east side of Deira, the town is on the Arab Gulf, Al Waheda, Hor Al Anz and Sharjah borders. For Al Mamzar, residents of Dubai, repeated trips to these areas are thus easy.

The northeast portion of the neighbourhood is all residential and the rest have industrial and out-of-planning developments.

Dubai Central and Scientific Association, the Dubai police headquarters and Al Mamzar Park are popular places to visit in addition to the beautiful Al Mamzar Beach. The properties are primarily apartments and villas in Al Mamzar, Dubai. The bulk of these houses are working and are not normally leased or sold. Although some inexpensive apartments are still available to rent, which offer residents a home with a pleasant view of the ocean.

Al Mamzar Features

  • Al Mamzar, Dubai is near the Sharjah border.

  • It is linked to Deira, the famous business hub.

  • The atmosphere is calm, peaceful, and luxurious.

  • The region is popular for its large villas, which are tough to find for rent or sale.

  • In the middle of high towers and skyscrapers the apartments are plentiful.

  • Al Mamzar has a beautiful beach and park based in the neighbourhood.

  • Connection via Deira Waterside Market and Al Khaleej Road to the port of Hamriya.

Al Mamzar Neighborhood

Spacious villas and high apartment towers are in the tiny, cosy and well-established community. There were just two villas back in 1986.  Later the construction began, and the district became more familiar. Both UAE nationals and expatriates make up the residential population. It is a comfortable and relaxed environment that families usually enjoy. The region is near schools, hospitals, and other services.

Al Mamzar Dubai is two small districts with large villas and apartments. You 're going to be next to the water, no matter where you are. The residential villas for rent in Al Mamzar Dubai are located along the peaceful, palm-lined streets. These are large units with spacious living spaces and protection and privacy. Others have personal lawns with festive palms and roses, while other deluxe units offer a sea view. Rental villas are rarely built, and property transactions are restricted to UAE nationals.

Properties in Al Mamzar

The Square is the most desirable apartment building in Al Mamzar, Dubai, amongst clusters of high-level buildings lying near to the beach and parks. It is a blend of building designed by Omniyat, consisting of nine buildings, one commercial and the other residential. It has 180 bedrooms and a wide retail area of 5,402 sq.ft. The commercial tower is the renowned Movenpick Hotel.

Al Mamzar Tower is another favourite project with two residential and commercial 22-story towers. These towers are also called Twin Towers of Al Mamzar. Both projects include excellent safety measures, covered parking, a fitness centre, a swimming pool and family entertainment.

Parking spaces in Al Mamzar

Free parking space for nearly all the buildings around here. Al Mamzar's well maintained street parking is seen by locals. In the commercial areas, parks and the beaches there are still plenty of free parking spaces.

Al Mamzar Location

In proximity to the Sharjah-Dubai border

6.6 km North-west of Al Nahda

7 minutes from Expo Centre Sharjah

Al Qasba is accessible in 11 minutes via Al Taawun Street

12 minutes away from Al Khan Historical Tower