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Tanmiyat Group: Reviving the Urban Architecture

Tanmiyat is one of the major producers and investors in property developments in the United Arab Emirates. As a Saudi corporation, they are committed to reshaping the conception and layout of urban living in the region and therefore they have decided to invest in the Dubai market. From its emergence in 1982, they have initiated a number of developmental projects in the Middle East to create top quality, affordable lifestyle.

Tanmiyat Group has an impressive resume of breathtaking project initiatives, a Dubai-base investment, and a property development company. Founded less than three decades ago and with the growth of its investment strategies and the huge success of major projects, Tanmiyat 's presence in the regional property development arena has increased significantly.

Tanmiyat is committed to improving the idea and perspective that urban living in the Near East is cost-effective. We think that high-quality; cost-efficient residential spaces could be built without compromise.

With the love and excitement of our societies, we evaluate our performance. With our recreated ideology of effective contact, we aim to help our investors and holders to ensure a good investment return and experience of a lifetime.

As a company, they advocate open communication and accountability. Using legal and realistic strategies, they succeed in solving problems. In Tanmiyat, they are committed not just to their business, but also to their customers and investors in maintaining a transparent partnership.

They believe in the principles and benefits of a clear business strategy. Their talents, their vulnerabilities, their strivings, their strategies, and their methods are available to us.

There are many elegant andluxurious projects completed by Tanmiyat developers who are known in Dubai for providing the best residential projects in Dubai. Some are the following projects developed by them

Popular Projects by Tanmiyat Group

The Court tower:-
Business Bay 's Court Tower in Dubai provides a scenic view of the Canal, the great Zayed Road, and also the bay by the Dubai Water Canal and by the famous Marriot Marquis, JW.

The building is a mixed-use venture of the Dubai Water Canal. It includes offices and residential areas. Office accommodation is on the 1st and 22nd floors and luxury units are on the 23rd and 30th floors. There are 18 apartments on each floor, consisting of six 1-bedroom and twelve studios.

The Living legends Residential Apartments:-
12 towers, each 12-16 floors high, are the Living Legend's Residential Towers. There are studio apartments and 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments available for all buildings. These Residential Towers have high-quality layouts with large balconies and finishes.

The Exchange Tower:-
The Exchange Tower is one of Tanmiyat's boldly built and signed over developments that are elevated in a prime location in Business Bay, which is also called as the industry and nerve center of Dubai. This free-standing design consists of a floor and the 28-floor tower which combines 2 sections to form an architectural view as a whole. The Exchange Tower also appears to offer investors the amenities to promote business enterprise in addition to amazing views of Dubai.