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Halwan Suburb blends numerous suburbs with a distinct ethnic community. It offers its residents with fitness, schooling, retail, and leisure opportunities in proximity to the ideal lifestyle.

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A community of seven suburbs in Central Sharjah, Halwan Suburb is classified. Al Yarmook, Al Fayha, Al Ramla East, Al Ghubaiba, Dasman, Samnan, and Al Abar are all areas of this zone. For instance, Al Yarmook is famous for its many churches, each area is special. Al Ghubaiba is a nearby villa and Al Abar is popular as it houses two museums and a library. Halwan Suburb's population has access to many other institutes, churches, and sights.

Halwan Features

  • A party of seven regions

  • Sharjah Archaeological Museum, Sharjah Indian School, and Sharjah Library are present near.

  • Apartments, villas, and commercial properties get all the conveniences.

Halwan Neighborhood 

Halwan Suburb blends numerous suburbs with a distinct ethnic community. It offers its residents with fitness, schooling, retail, and leisure opportunities in proximity to the ideal lifestyle. Thanks to its perfect setting, it is well-linked with other parts of Sharjah. People living in the region thus have all the services and choices available in nearby towns. In general, Halwan Suburb is a region that is suitable for residing or working in any individual.

Properties in Halwan 

Halwan Real Estate Suburb provides a wide range of residential and commercial properties for rental and investment. Apartments and villas in Halwan contain residential properties, with Al Yarmook being one of the most common apartment regions. The villas are preferable for Al Ghubaiba, Al Fayha, and Samnan.

  • Studio, 1-bedroom, and two-bedroom flats can be rented in Halwan Suburb. Annual apartment rentals vary between AED 15k and AED 19k, based on rooms, sq ft, venue, and several other items.

  • The 3-room to 5-bedroom units with rent prices differ between AED 100k and AED 125k per year are rentable in Halwan Suburb.

The best options can be found in Samnan, Al Fayha, Al Ghubaiba, and Al Ramla West for people who are searching for villas for sale in the Halwan suburb. Rates of villas in 2 or 8 bedrooms vary, depending on the various features of the villas, from AED 1,4 M to AED 15M.

Transportation and Parking spaces in Halwan 

Halwan Suburb seems to have enough parking spaces to satisfy its residents and visitors' requirements. The housing towers, business complexes, and villas have all designated car parks for the owners/tenants of the house. There are also large parking spaces in parks, hospitals, shopping malls, churches, and mosques. Near the Halwan Suburb, there are several charged parking spaces which can also be used when required.

The suburb of Halwan has outstanding transportation means. Road and road networks make it much easier for those with their vehicles to move within the city. There are many roads out of the neighborhood, so it is also quite simple to go to other places. Taxis and buses can be used by those using public transport.

Supermarkets near Halwan 

In Halwan Suburb there are several supermarkets. Jesco Supermarket, Nesto Supermarket, and Reshma Supermarket are available at Al Yarmook. Al Fayha has the Co-Operative Society of Sharjah and Al Ramla West has a Yuaan supermarket. Present in Al Ghubaiba is Al Areeka Supermarket and Al Madina Hypermarket, while Al Khaleej Mini Supermarket is in Dasman. Sharjah Co-Operative Society and Al Suez Supermarkets are supermarkets in Al Abar. Samnan has no supermarkets at all but Al Abar and Al Ghubaiba are within walking or driving distance.

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