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Revi Real Estate Development LLC is a respected UAE developer of real estate properties. The company aims at delivering some of the most innovative designs which are specifically tailored to match the feelings of contemporary trends. It is the top real estate developer in the UAE, with outstanding building construction records, for cities and infused-use design neighbourhoods. Revi Real Estate Development LLC intends to build a residential and tourism attraction spot and to design new cities that contribute effectively to the improvement of people. They add tremendous value by fundamentally customer-centred approach and the ongoing success of quality – bringing customers into touch with famous architects of markets in a new, strong, substantive, and emotional way that builds long-standing, engagement, and reciprocal confidence ties. Their decades-long strategy enables them to adopt and encourage fresh and forward-looking industry practices, and to incorporate them in a spirit of mutual teamwork into their Corporate DNA and first-hand theory.

Popular projects by Revi Real Estate Development

Park View Tower

The Tower features a magnificent 1,000 sq ft pool, a huge jacuzzi and a fun children's swimming pool on the balcony terrace. The imposing finishes are distinguished by the stylistic contrast moulded by an organic oak-coloured stone that blends perfectly with the wooden ceiling. To demonstrate how much they respect your personal preferences, their popular A++ designer Carlo Colombo will also offer the option of two different floors styles for your accommodation.

From drawings and sketches to the futuristic residential Tower, park view towers encourage you to watch a dream come true. It can be seen from everywhere, from home, office, street, etc. Park View Tower by Revi Real Estate is a modern G+19-floor residential structure. There are two shops and 278 residential units. There are also levels of 4 podium. Due to its deep awareness of the culture of Dubai, it provides multiple floor plans to meet the needs of modern individuals and families. It boasts condos, apartments with 1 and 2 and 3 bedrooms with wide areas and high-quality finishing.

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