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Omniyat Group is a creative and luxurious property developer in the Middle East, which conceptualizes and generates property assets with a combination of more than 6 billion AEDs. Omniyat Group is a company based in Dubai, UAE, and was founded in 2005. Omniyat invests, develops, and manages resources through an extensive range of real estate assets, which provide sustainable value. The Pad and Bayswater are remarkable initiatives by them. Omniyat produces residential, industrial, hospitality, and retail areas, one of the most visual constructions and service sectors in the Gulf region: We view each Omniyat property as a specific piece of art in architecture, planning, and construction.

Our partnership with the top architects, engineers, designers globally is deep and personal. Every design is special, built to provide a larger benefit, and to ensure that every house owner can live in a space that represents his own identity, accomplishments, and expectations.

The ideology of Omniyat was to establish influential homes, hotels, and industrial developments with the greatest craftsmanship. Where all the major details are combined not only to ensure a beautiful real estate offer but to give those who entrusted and invested with Omniyat and its developments for an ideal living experience. As a remarkable builder who does not take risks and who doesn't adversely affect the reliability of their project, the Omniyat industry values its peers.

Top-notch designers, like Zaha Hadid, Foster, and Super Potato, build designs that not only make people love living in, but they also give their customers respect and admiration. It is and must be good enough to justify any project which carries an Omniyat brand identity. These developers are well regarded as a non-compromising developer and a builder that pushes the boundaries. They practice and believe in their ideology and they apply this in all their acts.

Popular projects by Omniyat Group

Sterling Apartments:-
The Omniyat Sterling is Dubai's only residential complex, the place where conscientious people find their houses. This is an irreplaceable experience with the top quality levels in residential, industrial, entertainment, and retail areas. The Sterling by Omniyat is a special alternative for understanding people who want to live well. This is the ideal choice for anyone who want a prime location in Dubai's Burj Khalifa district and who knows how to make them known. The creation consists of two dazzling towers which comprise 25 floors and offer and related lobbies forming the hall, the retail, and the mountain gardens.

Opus Residence & Commercial tower:-
The Opus is an impressive business tower in Business Bay, on its own island. It's an emblem of the internationally renowned architect Dame Zaha Hadid’s architectural abilities. The innovative architecture of the Opus makes it feel like a glittering cube floating on the concrete. Although it seems to be a single mass, the cube is actually three buildings that have been strategically consolidated to offer a sense of a unique cohesive ensemble.

One Palm:-
The one palm is one of Dubai's most exclusive homes, a legendary residential estate. Three, four, five-bedroom apartments and a penthouse comprise this project. Each apartment is articulately built with fully furnished living spaces. Individual facilities and services are directly available to residents that are spa and sitting rooms, open-air cinema, meeting rooms, swimming pools; children's play areas, cigar lounges, and many more. One Palm is situated in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, offering residents a breathtaking view of the Arab Gulf coast.