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Established in 2004, Green Valley Real Estate Company. The Company offers a variety of services, including property design and expansion, broker services, management, and leasing services for the property development and investment sectors. The company hires professionally skilled, educated workers who are highly skilled to aid, educate, and support their valuable clients.

It provides a broad variety of services including the sale of residential or investment opportunities. They are brokers, including land acquisition and growth. The Team of Green Valley is always prepared to support consumers in a healthy and relaxed, truthful way and dedicated way to the right approach with every phase they take with specialist experience and expertise.

To both landlords and tenants, they provide extensive facilities. They provide their customers with completely functional property services, including management, acquisition, distribution, renting, and investment support.

Popular Projects by Green Valley Real Estate Company

Green Valley Tower:-
Green Valley Tower is the next expansion at Jumeirah Village Circle by Green Valley Real Estate. The new Jumeirah Village Circle is located next to the main road that passes across Dubai Sheik Zayed City. There are big villas, city halls, and apartments for the accommodation here. The building is located on the outskirts of JVC near the sports town of Dubai. It is a trendy luxury neighborhood for quiet life enthusiasts. In brief overview, villas, townhouses, and houses are built, but also tall buildings are present there. While there seem to be business centers, it is still mainly a community area. The parks and pre-school facilities are amazing.

There are 5 floors, including a roomy and elegant lobby and a large parking lot on the ground. Beyond that, the apartments will have another 23 floors. It's a contemporary construction with massive, full-length windows that generate glass exterior from the outside. The whole perimeter is lined by balconies and terraces with translucent parapets. View of the city lines from the windows can be seen too.

This development will give children and adults a wide variety of facilities. Children will play in the completely fitted playground or go to the kids' kindergarten. The residents have a fitness center as well as a chance to go on the jogging route. 24-hour repair and concierge operation can help solve internal problems. Sports courts for types of sports will also be open. Spa and other recreational spaces will encourage relaxation and rejuvenation. There is an amazing family walk public park in the area too.