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In several of the world's most desirable neighborhoods, Forum Group has had a vast portfolio of excellent commercial and residential properties.

The Forum Community is working hard to develop and plan new projects with time to go through the skyline of the future. The Company has been globally praised for its excellent operation and is located in Yekaterinburg on the border of Asia and Europe. Forum Group also makes its dreams come true, as consumers look forward to another top standard of creative, lovely, and practical homes and offices.

The Forum Group is known as a significant player in the off-plan Dubai real estate market because of its massive trade projects and finely built homes. The Dubai-based company was founded in 1999 and has consolidated its role in the United Arab Emirates as one of the major automobile replacements distributors.

To undertake large-scale initiatives and detailed innovations, the Forum community has an international background. Forum Group is a full-service company working in all forms of construction and design, including project creation, building, property management, and investment projects.

Based on their global experience and skills, they can work from beginning to end to invent, develop, and build large-scale projects and integrated technologies. The Forum Group has contributed to making creative ideas a reality to esteemed customers who are seeking the best possible spaces.

Popular Projects by Forum Group

XXII Carat Club villas

Carat Club villas, XXII (22) is one of 22 luxurious villas on the western crown of Palm Jumeirah Island, a constructed resort. It is crafted in a style similar to Renaissance times, following a classical architecture. The buildings are traditionally Italian and have a Tuscan theme. Stucco works are typical for these villas in addition to classical columns, pergolas, angled doors, and walkways. The furniture is made of terracotta and has many pastel colors, hand-crafted porcelain, and wall paintings. The design of these villas is perfect for people who enjoy the "unmatched extravagance" in their home.

The interior has a Mediterranean theme with furnishings and fittings predominantly European. The villas all have a link to the clubhouse and concierge services and are each fitted with a 25 m pool.

Three different styles of villas-Emerald and Ruby and Sapphire-are available in the XXII Carat Villas club. The 8 Emerald villas give panoramic views of the field and extensive gardens to their residents. It has the Dubai Marina and Dubai Eye views. Built over a foundation of a terrace and with an angle, the 8 Ruby villas give unimpeded views. Private lifts are also provided with immediate access to the cellar garage. It also contains a broad open terrace that also enhances the sea view. The majority of the six villas in Sapphire have easy access to the beach, with panoramic views of Palm Jumeirah. The largest plots of the XXII (22) Carat Club Villas are housed in all three styles. A man-made, palm-shaped island is the true 8th wonder of the world, Palm Jumeirah. The palm strategically expanded Dubai's shoreline by 100%, reaching 6.5 kilometers into the Arab Gulf and covering an area of 7 million square meters.

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