DAMAC Properties
  • Total Projects: 97
  • Founded In: 2002
  • DAMAC Properties has molded the pattern of real estate development and brought high-end real estate projects in the Middle East, since 2002. They are striving hard to produce projects that are iconic and are best suited for residential, commercial, and entertainment purposes all over the world.

    DAMAC has shaped the overall look of Dubai, from innovation in the finest architecture to transforming the desert into a smart, iconic, and modern city; Dubai is the center of attraction for people and businesses around the world. People love to travel to the city, spend holidays, have fun with their friends and families and enjoy the culture. The luxurious lifestyle of people is forcing them to be a part of the vibrant Dubai community. DAMAC properties have made it possible for the people who love to invest their money for commercial, residential, and recreational purposes. If you invest in real estate and own some property points, you are most likely to be in an advantageous financial position. 

    DAMAC properties are best suited for the people who want a lavish lifestyle along with modern living. They specialize in luxurious and vibrant residential properties. With a large, diverse property portfolio including two international-class master-planned golf innovations, DAMAC properties give a boost to the cities in which its projects are situated. DAMAC properties have produced 29,500 + adequate housing projects to date, with an additional 34,000 still in progress.

    Popular Developments by DAMAC:-


    DAMAC Hills is a firmly built community of villas, flats, and a hotel. It has 4 million square feet parkland and a range of outdoor leisure and recreational areas comprising therapeutic gardens and lakes, a skating park, stables, soccer fields, and tennis courts. This is one of the finest developments by DAMAC, which is not only for the people and individuals who are more likely to enjoy the recreational activities, the luxurious setup but also for those who love to spend their leisure time in peace and stay away from the busy routines in their daily lives.  Experience and create meaningful memories with your friends and family while DAMAC is here to make your dream house come true. Enjoy a range of luxurious villas at DAMAC Hills in the heart of lush grass with delicious décor, fully furnished rooms, and top-notch comforts. Develop bigger adventures here in a thriving community with your neighbors, friends, and relatives. 

    AKOYA Oxygen

    Akoya Villas by DAMAC is a fully-fledged community that emphasizes a calm and soothing lifestyle. It is also surrounded by lush greenery away from the routine of a busy city, but with convenient access to its corporate and leisure centers. In each set of houses and apartments, with manicured gardens, streets and parks, there are communal swimming pools and play areas around an international golf court. 

    A large community center, which offers a gym and clinical facility. It also provides you with the best supermarket, shopping, and dining facilities. A school and family park in Golf Verde will soon be created. Akoya villas are the central symbol offering a range of apartments with conveniences at the resort. There is also a school, hospital, and a mosque.

    The core of the Akoya group is a serene, family-friendly atmosphere. It has the prime location and is 25 minutes down Umm Suqeim Road. It is within reaching distance of the main attractions of the region. This is one of the DAMAC’s properties, which links to four main highways.

    What’s best about Akoya is that it is environmentally friendly surrounding and best suited for people who love calm residential localities. Furthermore, Akoya has served to be one of the best places for luxurious apartments and villas for sale.

    Popular Projects by DAMAC:-

    Fiora in Golf Verde

    Damac Fiora is a cozy neighborhood, apartment towers in Golf Verde. Relax in a scenic setting in beautiful parkland and several department stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues right around the corner.  

    Golf Verde's Fiora consists of two residential buildings, connected to a podium on which the lovely swimming pool and the running track are situated. The towers are sophisticated outside, fitted with intricate lines and wide glass balconies so that optimum daylight can be loved. 

    Explore roomy, luxurious apartments that can develop priceless experiences for you and your family members.

    This endearing neighborhood has a perfect environment, which is also ideally set in the corner by glorious parks and a lot of shops, restaurants, and leisure activities.

    The swimming pool is built and is set at building scale and offers spectacular views over the surroundings. You can enjoy swimming to start the day or can end up spending a relaxing evening. 

    Reva Heights 

    Damac Properties has come up with a paradise beyond vision, named as Reva Heights. Its prime location on the Business Bay and with breathtaking views of the Dubai Canal never fails to impress people who crave for breathtaking views, this luxury project offers a comfortable life with plenty of amenities, excellent cuisine and store offerings. 

    These are part of a dynamic area and are surrounded by extensively cultivated green, calming gardens. This place is what your soul wishes. Be it the magnificent designer shops in the largest center in the world or top-quality cafes on an impressive range of global cuisines, everything is here under one project.

    Only imagine living next to a shopping mall. That's what you should do at Golf Verde! So whether you need some very late deliveries or lavish retail care, you have to meet some friends at the coffee, it's close to you.

    These were some of the finest, greatest, properties developed by the world-famous property developers namely the DAMAC property developers. They are not only famous here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but they are also known globally for their exclusive property management and design. They are setting high benchmarks and making their name in the property market since 2002. These are the eminent property developers and builders who have also been the epitome of success in foreign countries like Saudi Arab, Qatar, Jordan, and Lebanon.

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