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Al Barari Developers
Al Barari was founded in 2005 and offers well-designed villas (The Residences, The Reservation, and The Nest) and larger residences in the green and exclusive residential complex (Ashjar, Seven Heaven, and the Neighborhood). It is ecologically generated, the dream of Al Barari, led by the visionary founder and President Zaal Mohamed Zaal. This is what drives Al Barari to fully explore and then become the frame of reference for elegance and luxury all over the region. It is believed that these developers provide luxurious living and aim to set a mark of glory all over the region. Now the company owns several breathtaking projects and claims to be unrivaled in setting up ecologically sensitive projects.

Its located in the very heart of the region widely referred to as 'New Dubai,' Al Barari is an outlying cityquarter.  It is said t be the greenest place in Dubai, both metaphorically and in concrete words, with 60% of the 18.42 million square feet of green grass, open fields, beautiful landscapes, and beautiful lakes.

With its unique, gated neighborhood of 216 villas known as The Residences, Al Barari encourages quiet and peaceful living. Designed in four different styles, these houses are as green as the region, with a wealth of natural resources and incorporating gardens, swimming pools, and other water elements.

Popular aesthetic development by Al Barari

Al Barari
The very first luxurious and successful eco-conscious creation in the region is Al Barari. A planned, green neighborhood in the city center that offers residents and tourists a healthy climate. It was founded under the entire idea of Al Barari's incredible biological understanding was the outstanding botanical sanctuary. This ambition further enhances Al Barari 's continuous discovery and is the baseline for the region's sustainable greatness.

Popular Projects by Al Barari

The Nest:-
The Nest is, beautifully crafted and developed to accompany existing properties in Al Barari. Al Barari is among the most beautiful and popular locations in the UAE. In its elegant architecture and mesmerizing scenery, the set of 55 stunning villas offering distinctive environmentally sustainable in a comfortable and glamorous environment. The exclusive apartments deliver exclusively crafted utilities and proximity to Al Barari 's infrastructure with their heroic takeover over the important family house and craftsmanship. The nest is a legacy of the tradition of Al Barari and is designed at the very same degree of quality for each of its initiatives.

The Reserve:-
The Reserve is a high-end compilation of custom villas. They think your apartment could perhaps represent your visions and your creativity. This concept is based upon the fact that most individuals like to be effective in building their homes including architecture, country layout to interior decorating, our internal team handles everything.

Seventh Heaven:-
An exclusive creation that is proud of its successful, innovative design inspired by the robust peaks on the coast of the country. Al Barari, Seventh Heaven is the newest addition to this wonderful flat, which has been established to house apartment buildings, penthouses, and sky villas with 1 or 4 bedrooms. 157 apartments are specifically planned. The buildings are built to ensure optimum visibility and sunlight.