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Palma Villas by Emaar

Project Name:
Palma Villas by Emaar
Starting Price:
AED 4,460,888
Handover in 2018
Property Type:

Facilities & Amenities

  • cycling tracks
  • football pitches
  • tennis court
  • fine-diners in place

Why Should You Buy Palma Villas by Emaar?

Palma in Arabian Ranches- in the truest sense of the word, a representation of the quintessential Arab world is a gated two-tiered residential community exuding all things Arab world, luxury, and class. Comprising of lavish and commodious 3BR,4BR & 5BR residential villas conceived, designed, structured, and embellished with the superlative resources, Palma is a outcome of class amalgamated with free-style urban living. Emaar has always been known for its promise on quality and thus, this venture stands true to its name in the aspect too. Palma has been designed by the bespoke award winning Californian architects who have been a part of some landmark projects down their resumes. All the villas follow a uniform color pattern with warm underlying notes of serenity, elegant arches with terracotta roof tiles and multifunctional closets fixed inside the residences to help cater family needs.

The Arabian Ranches owns a dedicated leisure community for its residents to provide them with everything leisurely, recreational, and outdoor. This community within the Arabian Ranches is known as The Resident’s Club. The Resident’s Club is a private sub-development within the community comprising of separate gyms for men and women, an indoor running track, mani-pedi salons and beauty centers. The development on its own engulfs all the necessary as well leisure facilities the residents might seek. Not only that but the community also has a lot of sporty options and offerings for the residents in terms of a 247 acre golf course, a polo and equestrian club, a tennis court, football pitches and cycling tracks. However, what one cannot survive without is food and by food we mean good healthy food. The vicinity has a lot of good dining options for the residents to relish on with some gourmet restaurants and fine-diners in place.

PALMA is situated in the Arabian Ranches which falls close to Al Qudrah Road giving it an attainable reach to most of the commercial areas of the city. Given this convenient location, PALMA in Arabian Ranches is fortunately connected to a number of healthcare facilities, schools, transportation touch points and commotion channels.

Unit Details

5BR 3488 4,460,888

Payment Plans

Payment Plan

Installment Milestone Payment (%)
1st Installment On Booking 10%
2nd Installment 100% Construction & Handover (Q3 2018) 40%
3rd Installment 6 Months after Completion (30 Mar 2019) 10%
4th Installment 12 Months after Completion (30 Sep 2019) 10%
5th Installment 18 Months after Completion (30 Mar 2020) 10%
6th Installment 24 Months after Completion (30 Sep 2020) 10%
7th Installment 30 Months after Completion (30 Mar 2021) 5%
8th Installment 36 Months after Completion (30 Sep 2021) 5%

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