Miraclz Tower by Danube

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Miraclz Tower by Danube

Project Name:
Miraclz Tower by Danube
Starting Price:
AED 865,000
Handover in 2019
Property Type:

Unit Details

Payment Plans

InstallmentMilestonePayment (%)
1st InstallmentDown payment10%
2nd InstallmentAfter 2 months from booking10%
3rd InstallmentAfter 3 months from booking6%
Monthly InstallmentsFeb 2018 to Apr 2018 2% per month6%
Monthly InstallmentsMay 2018 to Jul 2018 3% per month9%
Monthly InstallmentsAug 2018 to Handover(Jun 2019) 1% per month11%
Monthly InstallmentsPost Handover 1% per month till Jun 202348%

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