The World Islands

Developements in The World Islands

The World Islands is a new development by Nakheel that gives your most creative asset dreams the room to be realized. This is the new shape of opportunity. The World Islands is a combination of 300 small islands reclaimed from the sea and constructed into the shape of a world map. The astonishing project has quickly become globally renowned, since hitting the international news. Some of the key facts about this unique project are: The World Islands was announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The project is the world’s only man-made island destination in the form of the world map. The World Islands is made up of approximately 300 small islands reclaimed from the sea. The development adds an additional 232 kilometers of beachfront to Dubai’s natural 67 kilometers of coastline. The World Islands covers 9 kilometers in width and 7 kilometers in length and is located 4 kilometers off the coast of Dubai. The average distance between islands is 100 meters and water depth is 15 meters on average. New rocky reef marine habitat of 54 kilometers has been added, due to the fact that the area is bursting with marine life.

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# Project Name Developer Name Starting Price Development Name Completion
1 Sweden Palaces Luxury Villas The Heart of Europe AED 55,000,000
2 Germany Island Villas The Heart of Europe AED 10,000,000
3 The Floating Seahorse The Heart of Europe AED 12,000,000
4 Portofino Hotel The Heart of Europe AED 2,200,000
5 Cote Dazur Hotel The Heart of Europe AED 1,435,000
Starting From AED 55,000,000
21,000 ft2
Starting From AED 12,000,000
4,004 ft2
Starting From AED 10,000,000
4,487 ft2
Starting From AED 1,435,000
457 ft2
Starting From AED 2,200,000
834 ft2

The World Islands Development:
The World Islands is a collection of artificial islands made by men. The World Islands has been given a shape of the continents of the world. It is located off the coast of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It is consist of 300 small private artificial islands which actually divided into four different categories such as, private homes, estate homes, dream resorts, and community islands. For the tourists, visitors and the businessman World Island Dubai off plan project is expected to be the prime location. In spite of being artificial the World islands are being constructed in such a way that helps the resident to feel the natural essence of life. The World Islands is yet one more visionary project by Nakheel.

The World Islands Community:
Created a private island of neighbors where families can reach to a community built just for them, or couples to elegant islands’ properties where they can reconnect and recharge. Imagine a place where no one is a stranger, and the focus is on one thing which is a total relaxation of mind, soul and body.

The World Islands Facilities and Amenities:
There are plentiful amenities available at The World Islands includes, World class restaurants, Fitness center, Swimming pools, Spas, Clubs, Pubs and Bars, Community parks and Recreation center.<br><br>

<b>The World Islands Directions:</b><br>
The World Islands is located 21 kilometers East by Northeast of Palm Jumeirah and 4 kilometers off the shore of Jumeirah, between Burj Al Arab and Port Rashid.

The World Islands Properties for Sale:
Residential buildings are mainly consisting of villas and some of the apartment buildings. As far as off plan properties are concerned, yes, there are many for the interested buyers.<br><br>

The World Islands Villas for Sale:
1. The Floating Seahorse by The Heart of Europe
2. Germany Island Villas by The Heart of Europe
3. Sweden Palaces Luxury Villas by The Heart of Europe