Al Ramtha


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Al Ramtha

Al Ramtha is primarily a group of the villa that offers its residents many amenities. There are many mosques and shopping centers, malls, schools, and gardens nearby. This familiar neighborhood is easily accessible via Wasit Street to several emirates and is quickly accessible to Ajman. In Al Ramtha, Sharjah properties are spacious villas that are ideal for people finding a home in a quiet place.

The Al Ramtha villas are available for rent and sale as three, five, six, and seven-bed unit units. Spacious master rooms with an integrated wardrobe and private bathrooms are open. The room also has a wide lobby with an extra toilet, a laundry room, a patio, and a parking area with a wall. The apartments have a well-fitted kitchen, a lounge with a dining hall, a seating area.

Al Ramtha Features

  • A calm and serene Sharjah neighborhood

  • Provides large villas and residential properties

  • Simple access to the Ajman Emirate

  • Quick access to fundamental amenities

  • Host to several mosques and state offices

  • Sharjah Police Station, Sharjah Forensic Police Station, Sharjah Central Jail, and Wasit Police Station.

Public Transport in Al Ramtha

The buses E400, E411, AUH, and DXB1 are open to the public in the vicinity of Al Ramtha. These buses serve Al Nuaimiya 1, Al Nuaimiya 2 and Ajman, Thumbay Hospital, and Thumbay Hospital 2, respectively. The bus stops Al Nuaimiya 1 and Thumbay 2. The region is around 4 to 5 minutes ' drive from all of these bus stations. Because there are currently restricted public transit options, the majority would choose private transport. Residents can also quickly switch from one cab to another with online cab reservations like Uber and Careem.

Protected car parking is for people in Al Ramtha. The street or paid parking for your vehicles may be used by visitors or guests.

Supermarkets in Al Ramtha

Residents should head for Calcutta Supermarket at a 2-minute drive for food shopping and domestic essential products. The adjacent neighborhood of Al Ramaqiya, Al Azra, and Al Falaj also has supermarkets in the vicinity of Al Ramtha. They included Ramtha Supermarket, Al Sharji Supermarket, Rado Supermarket, and Aljeemi Supermarket. It is a 5 to 7-minute drive to hit it. Carrefour Market in Al Goaz, approximately 4 minutes from Al Ramtha, is the nearest hypermarket.

Mosques and Holy Places in Al Ramtha

There are several mosques in Al Ramtha, 2-4 minutes' drive away, which Muslim residents can find. There are the Winners Chapel International Ajman and GO Church in Ajman, an 8-minute drive from Mosque Al Thawab, Khuzaymah Ibn Thaabit, and Mosque Ukashah Ibn Mohssin, Mosque Unays Ibn Junadah Alghafaari. Al Yarmook provides a community of churches near Al Ramtha, which can be located 9 to 11 minutes' drive away from the places of worship. The AG Tamil Church, the Apostolic Church, the Church of God – Sharjah, Union Church, the Anglican Church of St. Martin, the Parish of Marthoma, the Apostolic Church, the Orthodox Church of Saint Gregor, and the Catholic Church of St. Michaels are among the many to list. This is some of Sharjah's finest churches.

One of the earliest religious buildings in the Emirate was St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church. It has 113 altar servers, 139 lectors, 167 special ministers of the Eucharist, and 80 volunteers.

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