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Al Nabba

Al Nabba is one of the small communities of Sharjah and a Creekside neighborhood. The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is a renowned sight here. It is a well-known community with a range of supermarkets, restaurants, malls, and hospitals. You would not have to leave the city since the most basic facilities in the neighborhood can be reached. This area primarily houses mid-range apartment towers and a mixture of old and new residential buildings.

Al Nabba Features

  • A combination of existing and new houses

  • Khalid Lake on the northern frontier

  • Near many supermarkets, restaurants, and department stores.

  • Home to some of Sharjah's cheapest apartments

Al Nabba Neighborhood

Al Nabba is a well-established Sharjah apartment residential neighborhood, offering many lodging possibilities. It is cheaper for residents to communicate through Al Sharq Street to other areas of the Emirates.

Properties in Al Nabba

The Al Nabba properties are mainly apartments for sale. A studio apartment in Al Nabba typically has a 300 sq ft ground space.   The area's 1 BHK apartments are situated on the floor space of 500 sq. ft to 1,100 sq. ft while the 2 apartments were constructed on 1,500 sq. of comparably greater scale of 2400 sq. ft.

Hotels nearby in Al Nabba

The choice of accommodation not only includes apartments, but also a variety of hotels and motels in Al Nabba. Included in this region are:

  • Al Sharq Hotel Suites

  • Rayan Hotel Corniche

  • Al Hamra Hotel Sharjah

A 4-star hotel situated along Sharjah's waterfront road in Al Nabba is the Al Hamra Hotel Sharjah. The hotel offers suites, a business center, and a dining with new furnishings. It provides room service, a gym, an outdoor pool, and a sauna, among other amenities. Free shuttle services to nearby centers and beaches are also present at Al Hamra Hotel.

Both 3-star Al Sharq Hotel Suites and Rayan Hotel Corniche offer not as many facilities as four or five-star hotels but service-friendly suites. Rayan Hotel Corniche is on Al Arouba lane, just behind al Manama Supermarket. The hotel is situated in Andalus Square.

Transport and parking spaces in Al Nabba

Some of Al Nabba 's buildings are older and do not provide protected car parks for tenants. In other words, Al Nabba residents must be parking on the roads. Some parking spaces are headache, mostly shared with tourists and those working at nearby retail outlets. Therefore, there are few ways to find car parks in Al Nabba.

The closest bus stop in Al Nabba is Al Rolla Bus Stop on the Arouba Route. You can take an RTA bus to Dubai and other emirates. You can also find a bus stop at the Al Rolla bus station in Dubai. A 10-minute walk from the center of Al Nabba is the Rolla Bus station.

Supermarkets in Al Nabba

Al Nabba has about four supermarkets and many smaller food stores. Lulu Centre, which is more a shop with a hypermarket, is the most common. Pakistan Supermarket is also another famous supermarket in the region. It includes several Pakistani consumer products, including spices, snacks, and ready-to - eats meals. Well, you will notice even some of Pakistan's favorite snacks, like Golaganda and bun kebab, and a few more Pakistani famous local foods. The other supermarkets in Al Nabba are Sonali and Al Madina.

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