Mussaffah Industrial Area


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Mussafah Industrial Area

Mussafah is a development situated on the edge of the capital of Abu Dhabi, near the mainland of the capital. It was established in the 70s as a small industrial zone with small facilities. However, this building site in Abu Dhabi gradually grew up after the construction of the Mussafah Bridge – the 480 m, six-lane bridge – and many companies formed their head office here. The area flourished as a distinguishing economic zone in the 2000s. It has its harbor, the Mussafah port, used for merchandising and maritime transport.

The port is known for its 53 km long Mussafah Canal covering the north, west, and south limits of the city. The second-longest channel of the region is the deep-water channel, while the Suez Canal in Egypt is the top. A few communities such as Shabiy and Mussafah Gardens, which are devoted to housing projects, are now part of the growth with a large population.

Mussafah is one of the 10 most common areas for renting apartments in Abu Dhabi 

Mussafah Industrial Area Features

  • Abu Dhabi's central business district

  • It comprises several leading industrial and car companies

  • Home to multiple religious establishments

  • The second most famous commercial port in the UAE

  • A shopping magnet so many big business complexes are present

  • Near the mainland and the suburbs of the town

Mussafah 's development consists of Mussafah Industrial Area, where various mills, warehouses, and offices are located. Shabiyah's residential district is situated just off the Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Truck Road (E30) highway next door to Mohammed Bin Zayed Area.

Mussafah Industrial Area Neighborhood

Stretch over a 40 sq km area. Southern Mussafah Industrial Area is situated in Industrial City Abu Dhabi (ICAD). This well-planned district has a variety of business categories that represent different investors and manufacturers and have versatile and cost-efficient parcels. Including secure links, fully built highways with free-flowing intersections and numerous entry points, ICAD 's highly modern infrastructure. It also offers convenient access to numerous seaports and airports, plus over 200 Abu Dhabi and Dubai air routes. 

The Mussafah industrial area, Abu Dhabi, consists of a series of graded grids or sectors. These sectors are numbered from 1 to 46 from the north-eastern corner. The area is surrounded by industrial factories, service workshops and commercial plots, warehouses, showrooms, labor camps, and shops and has a two-story to five-story buildings. Often roundabouts and greens intersect the roads that connect each business.

Properties in Mussafah Industrial Area

In Mussafah, residence accommodation ranges from studios to studios with 1, 2, and 3 beds. Apartments are divided into two areas in Mussafah: Shabiya and Mussafah gardens.

Public transport in Mussafah Industrial Area

The bus system in Mussafah is very appropriate for public transport users. Bus 101, Bus 102, and Bus 210 provided people living and working in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, with great convenience. The Dalma Mall area serves bus 101 while the 102 is serviceable to Mohammed Bin Zayed City and the Dalma Mall bus 210 to places like Mazyad Mall, Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Al Rahba Hospital, and Shahama.

Supermarkets in Mussafah Industrial Area

The Mussafah Industrial Area supermarkets are situated in different areas such as Spinneys and Royal Emirates in M-9 and Grace Land in M-39. The China Mall and the Chinese market are on the M-45 in the neighborhood on the 9th street while the hypermarket of Express Al-Madeena is on the M-17.

People in Shabiya offer shopping opportunities for food like Safeer Centre, Ramla Supermarket, Hamidiya Roastery, Millennium Supermarket.

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