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Al Mina, located east of al-Dana and Zahiyah (formerly the Tourist Club Area), is habitat to the port of Zayed. Part of Al-Mina is linked to Abu Dhabi's main island, whereas a significant portion stretches out, making it look as though it is an island. Nearly 90% of its external frontiers are, nevertheless, covered by the ocean, making it a culture of the Nation. Al Lulu Island lies to the west of Al-Mina and Saadiyat Island is to the east. This is a well-built neighborhood of flats, villas, and rental offices.

Meena Features

  • A huge assortment of homes, villas, and rental offices.

  • Home to the port of Zayed, the port of Dhow, and port of New Mina.

  • A center for both maritime and industry.

  • Lulu, Saadiyat and Al Zahiyah are nearby.

Meena Neighborhood

A wide variety of homes, villas, and offices are available in the Al Mina. It is an ideal spot in, specifically if you operate in one of Al Mina's ports. Al Mina marine companies, including freight transport, general and bulk cargo handling, bunkering, and maintaining as well as other maritime services are well-established because in this region there are many harbors, a range of maritime activities are prevalent. Abu Dhabi Ports are also headquartered in Al Mina.

Properties in Meena

  • Residents will mainly rent apartments in Al Mina. 

  • Apartments have 2, 3, or 4-bedroom apartments are available. 

  • The average AED payment per year is AED 90k for a 2-bed Al-Mina apartment at 1.600 sq. ft. 

  • You can notice that the price ranges from AED 120k to AED 155k for the 3-bed apartments in Al Mina.

  • Four-bedroom apartments are deluxe, price AED 150k per year on average. 

  • Al Mina also has a few villas, which are difficult to locate.

  • In Al Mina, the price of a three-bedroom villa is AED 160k, while a five-bedroom villa is averaged AED 280k.

Parking spaces and Transportation in Meena

  • Parking in Al-Mina is not a concern for locals. 

  • In and around the residential and industrial areas there has been plenty of available space. 

  • At least one parking space is provided for those who work in the apartment buildings.

  • For at least two vehicles, the villas have private protected parking spaces. 

  • There are public bus stops available nearby. For people interested in seeking public transport in Al Mina, one of the three bus stops in the region is open. 

  • There are public bus stops near Al-Mina Souq, Mina Center, and the fish market.

Supermarkets in Meena

  • The Abu Dhabi Coop hypermarket in Mina Center is one of Al Mina's largest supermarkets. 

  • Other choices in Al Mina include Rich & Fresh Supermarket, Bulk Wholesale, and Hypermarket UAE.

  • Close to the entrance of the Al Zahiyah (the tourist Club area), Voll Supermarket, Majestic Supermarket, Lifco Supermarket, and Smart Mart are all situated. 

  • In the nearby fruit and vegetable market, the fish market, or date market, residents of the Al-Mina have the privilege to purchase the freshest products at a reasonable expense.

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