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Al Khalidiyah

Khalidiya is an Abu Dhabi cultural center, or its official name, Al Khalidiyah. Khalidiyah is where ancient people come together with the history of the capital. Its prime place makes this lively suburb one of the most popular places in the heart of Abu-Dhabi for expatriates and local families.

Al Khalidiyah is the second most common region for renting apartments. The area guide discusses how life lies in the area's high-rise buildings and gated villa communities.

Al Khalidiyah Features

  • Apartments with few villas, mostly medium, and high-rise buildings

  • Near the iconic beach of Abu Dhabi

  • Great for both young and bigger professionals

  • Lovely view from most houses on the waterfront

  • There are several events for water sports enthusiasts to choose from

  • Luxury services and state-of-the-art facilities are available in residential and villas.

Al Khalidiyah Neighborhood

The heart of Abu Dhabi is Khalidiyah, undeniably. The thrilling district has a bit of all; the beach, the park, and the most business center in the capital are nearby. For those who want to move to this impressive location, the option of rental properties in the area is also an essential benefit. Several buildings in the city are a mixture of industrial and residential towers in Al Khalidiya.

Properties in Al Khalidiyah  

  • Khalidiyah Abu Dhabi apartments are available in different sizes, from studios to rentals for 4 bedrooms. 

  • Khalidiya Village by the ALDAR master developer is a popular villa community of Al Khalidiya. Besides, several independent villa complexes also provide large units in Khalidiya Abu Dhabi for large families.

  • A diverse mix of people from various backgrounds is an attraction of Al Khalidiya Abu Dhabi as among the most prominent areas of the city.

  • The region is associated with both expatriates and residents, making it both a dynamic family and young professionals’ culture. 

  • The cultural mix is close to that in the UAE and residents from South Asia, Europe, and the GCC are also present.

Parking spaces and Transportation in Al Khalidiya

Abu Dhabi has designated parking lots in Al Khalidiyah. There is plenty of other public charged parking spaces around the city, especially the Corniche. However, sites around tourist places fill up very quickly over the weekends, and tourists to the district have difficulty dropping off on a day off.

Busses 31 that drop in Khalidiyah Park and bus 35 from Corniche Beach to Dhafeer Street are also accessible to those dependent on public transport to Al Khalidiya. Government taxis along the Corniche are also simple to locate.

Supermarkets in Al Khalidiyah

The Lulu Hypermarket in the central Khalidiyah Mall is the go-to grocery shopping destination for locals. There are many supermarkets, including the Co-operative Society of Abu Dhabi and Al Maya, in Khalidiyah. Residents may also purchase daily needs from one of the many convenience shops in the city.

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