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Al Karama

Al Karama is one of Dubai's oldest districts, commonly recognized as a building, but which also contains several business ventures. Karama - meaning: 'dignity.' The name of the region is influenced by Arabic. Al Karama is an ideal location for multiple commercial areas and Zaa'beel Street is the main thoroughfare of the center of town. It is one of the city's most accessible locations.

Al Karama is a part of Bur Dubai and near Creek Dubai. The many low-level residential buildings in Al Karama make it distinctive from the outside. Most tourists believe that Dubai is the home of massive skyscrapers. And Al Karama testifies to this. This is not always the case. The town, which is built on a tight grid system, spans about 2 km, but still has a population of thousands and is one of the most populous of Dubai.

There are numerous consulates, official buildings, and the popular Zabeel Park. In addition to the main Sheik Zayed Route, Zabeel Park also separates Al Karama from the trading district. The renovated mall Burjumer, which is one of the oldest malls in the Emirates, can also be found at the edge of the community.

Al Karama Features

  • Part of Bur Dubai on the West Bank of the river Dubai

  • Ensure an outstanding place in the city center

  • One of Dubai's oldest towns

  • Karama Park is situated next to the renowned Zabeel Park, while Creek Park is nearby

  • Provides quick access to all main city attractions and sights

  • It provides fantastic housing options for all income

  • Multi-cultural houses in low-cost apartments Home

  • The area's thoroughfares are Zaa'beel Lane, D84, and Kuwait Lane, D77.

Al Karama Neighborhood

In addition to concrete and glass skyscrapers lined up in Dubai, Al Karama is a structural change; the way to large public streets and the relentless speed of recurring, low-level buildings on either side of the road. There are also well-known sub-communities like the Wasl Centre, the Sheik Hamdan Colony, and the Karama Core. Given that this is the most populous area for renting apartments in Bur Dubai, there are some well-known hospitals, shopping centers, and entertainment venues in the city.

Al Karama isn't an area for tourism per se, but the local community's shopping is well-known with many shops in the vicinity and souvenir shops. Since it is primarily a gated community, Zaa'beel Park is one of the biggest entertainment areas near Al Karama. It is a scenic park that offers numerous children's playgrounds plus green areas and barbecue areas, which invite families to visit and enjoy a refreshing day.

Properties in Al Karama

Most of Al Karama's residential properties are for sale, while commercial properties are also rich in the city.

The area accommodates thousands of people and provides a variety of accommodation options in a perfectly harmonized rhythm of buildings at a low level. However, the rental properties in Al Karama are demanding and are typically rented very fast because of their cultural resources and affordable rentals. However, you will find the apartments rarely furnished and have to purchase your furniture in Dubai, compared to other places.

The apartments in Al Karama are made up of studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. The average apartment size begins at 300 sq ft and goes up to 610 sq ft for 1- and 2-bedroom apartments. The area size is upwards of 2,000 sq. for the larger 3 BHK units.

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