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Hydra Village

Several times it was a poor decision to live in a remote area far away from the central city of Abu Dhabi. But many people have steadily been warming up. This is because many developers already build entirely autonomous projects in the UAE that provide a sustainable livelihood.

Hydra Village is one of the new communities providing leasing and free-range lodging in a peaceful environment. The project is the brainchild of Hydra Proprieties LLC, a private property company founded in Abu Dhabi and officially launched in 2006.

Hydra Village occupies a strategic area along the highway, near Al Shahama Road, in alignment with the vision outlined in Plan Abu Dhabi 2030. This significant residential complex will provide more than 10,000 residents with an inexpensive, but luxurious environment.

Hydra Village Features

  • A developing neighborhood 

  • Al Raha Beach and Yas Island nearby

  • Zones 4, Zone 7, and Zone 8 are currently completed.

  • 2018 top-ranked village in Abu Dhabi with the highest ROI

Hydra Village Neighborhood

For those who have become acquainted with the idea of suburban life, Hydra Village is culture. Built on 947,000 sq.m wide area. Construction is divided into 10 regions.

Until ready, Hydra Village architecture consists of almost 2,400 villas, several unnamed buildings, and a well-crafted community center: a billiard club, a squash court, a swimming pool, a gym, and an open hall. Hydra Properties intends to include businesses such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers in potential as well. There will also be a variety of mosques in public and private gardens and open country areas.

Properties in Hydra Village

The first phase houses comprising Zone 4 and Zone 7 were constructed and delivered to the customers in 2013. Field 4 spans over 280,113 sq. ft of land that consists of 148 villas, while zone 7 has 570,155 sq. ft. 300 villas are included. Zone 8 is another fully formed sub-community ready until April 2018 for handover. This newly developed area includes 582 two-bedroom villas, which cover a total area of 1,098,882 square ft, as the host to residential buildings in Hydra Village. The villas in Hydra Village are grouped in a variety of separate units. These houses include sleek architectural designs and interior finishes with an essential focus on functionality. The wonderful citrus shades are decorated with differentiating Hydra Village's buildings.

Given the current pattern of total rental in Hydra Village, any villa under AED 100k per year can be easily found.

Either 1,848 sq.ft or 1,884 sq ft The average cost of a house with 2 bedrooms is ft. of floor space, AED 70k annually. With an area of approximately 2,000 sq. ft, for a price starting with AED 78k a year a three-bedroom villa can be rented.

Transportation and Parking spaces in Hydra Village

The development now has one main entrance to its north-eastern corner which inevitably leads to zone 7 and zone 4, from the Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road (E11). The routes in Hydra Village are thus presently limited when it comes to transport connections.

Hydra Village has private parking, while visitors can park their vehicles outside their homes. Due to the area's growth of public transit routes and connections.

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