Emirates Industrial Area


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Emirates Industrial City

Emirates Industrial City is one of the major industrial sectors in the United Arab Emirates. The area stretches to 83 million square ft. Its key position along the Emirates Road (E611) provides investors with an immense advantage.

A variety of manufacturing and commercial operations take place in the city's specific infrastructure. The Industrial City of Emirates is one hour's drive from major UAE airports, marinas, and other industrial areas. In the 'warehouse city' which consists of warehouses and logistics, two of the eight main sections of the city are reserved. Two million sq. ft e of rentable land, while 1,5 million sq ft are available as open yards.

Emirates Industrial City Features

  • The area covered is 83 million square ft   

  • Emirates is the leading industrial district in the UAE

  • Emirates road direct access (E611) Direct access

  • Infrastructure accommodates various manufacturing and business operations

  • There are nearly 1,000 businesses, with at least 150,000 employees

  • There are large open courtyards and storage facilities around.

Emirates Industrial City Neighborhood

The bulk of the operations in the region are in the commercial or manufacturing sectors. There are several factories, offices, and large storage facilities in the city. Emirates Industrial City has some 1,000 employers and 150k workers. The region is not heavy-duty, and no apartments are presently available here. The bulk of the people you find here are employees.

Properties in Emirates Industrial City 

Emirates Industrial City is home to the most famous buildings. The warehouses are large and have up to 30 000 sq. ft of floor space. The open courtyards and industrial plots are also included here. They have at least 16,000 sq. ft of floor space. Might go up to five hundred thousand sq. ft. to the highest.

Parking Spaces and transportation in Emirates Industrial City 

You can take a personal vehicle or a taxi to Emirates Industrial Area. Bus stops are within walking distance of the city, so public transport is not suitable for shuttles. In Emirates Industrial City there is plenty of parking because of spacious roads.

Many of you who visit the area will find that Emirates Industrial City has several local supermarkets. Supermarket Al Faal, supermarket Taier Al Madina and grocery Sharee Al Sajaa are small supermarkets yet have everything you need. The good news is that these supermarkets are a 5-minute drive from the main district. The area's main shops are Al Ramz Hypermarket and Jawharat Al Madina Supermarket.

Mosques and Holy places in Emirates Industrial City 

In Emirates Industrial City there are several mosques. The Baseera Mosque is a 5-minute drive from one of the most famous mosques in the city. In the neighborhood, 7 minutes’ walk, there are magnificent mosques in the Ibrahim Al Khalil, Abu Qutaba Bin Rude' i, and Al Fadheela.

In the Al Yarmook district of Sharjah mainland are the closest churches. The Emirates Industrial City is roughly a 25-minute drive from Al Yarmook.

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