Dubai Waterfront


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Dubai Waterfront

It was expected that the Dubai Waterfront will be the largest creation of the world created by mankind. It's also known as the Waterfront. Dubai Waterfront Company, a subsidiary of Nakheel Properties, is the developer of the project.

The original plan was to create a large development of industrial, residential, retail, and entertainment facilities. This massive project would have been designed in the form of a moon with the star Palm Jebel Ali, which is widely known as an Islamic emblem.

Dubai Waterfront Features

  • The project will build Nakheel Properties and Dubai Waterfront Company, its subsidiary.

  • The Palm Jebel Ali production is an integral waterfront.

  • Apartments and villas are available to rent in Dubai Waterfront within two communities: Badrah and Veneto. The property is affordable.

  • Offers scenic and spacious views of the Arabic Gulf.

Dubai Waterfront Neighborhood

It is expected that the Dubai Waterfront will be an exciting business, resident, and tourist destination. The Palm Jebel Ali construction site is situated right next to Dubai Waterfront. Dubai Waterfront apartments are intended to ensure that the city takes the interests of tenants into account. The neighborhood is currently made up of two suburban sub-communities with their services.

Direct access to the Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) is provided by Dubai Waterfront. Dubai South, Dubai International Airport, and Dubai World Central are nearby.

Properties in Dubai Waterfront

The Dubai Waterfront properties are divided into two categories: apartments and villas. Dubai Waterfront apartments are influenced by Manhattan's most mid-rise architecture. The studio, 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units are open.

Villas have been developed along the coast, with several community parks in the neighborhood.

These modern villas are available in 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms with backyards, wide balconies, and a pool.

Supermarkets in Dubai Waterfront

Various supermarkets are located close to Dubai's waterfront to meet residents' regular needs, including Sun City, Nesto Hypermarket, and the Village Hypermarket. The group of New West Camp directly opposite the Badrah apartments will find all these choices. The Carrefour market in Dubai Waterfront is a part of the Basrah Retail Center for smaller shopping carts.

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