Dubai Science Park

Dubai Science Park(DSP) offers businesses a great environment that facilitates business growth by providing ample office and laboratory space, it provides a great infrastructure and a vibrant community for residents, DSP ensures a supportive and connected ecosystem for businesses to flourish and achieve regional and international expansion and recognition. Moreover, DSP’s project vibrant community creates synergies and allows for like-minded professionals to socialize and host events that promote ideas and knowledge sharing imminent for industry development. For setting up a business in Dubai Science Park, Licensing is available for, Research & Development, Storage, Marketing & Sales Promotion, Manufacturing & Production, Import & Re-Export, Support Service, Consultancy, Management, Testing and Manufacturing.Read more


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Dubai Science Park Land Development:-
Dubai Science Park offers its investors and Partners state of the art office space in variety of sizes according to the requirement, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the space that suits their needs. All buildings includes some additional perks and benefits such as convenient parking, various retail options, effective facilities management services and advanced security systems for ease of work and uninterrupted privacy. DSP is evolving as a hub where more success stories can originate for the benefit of society as a whole. Expansion and growth are the top objective of the project. It is also working to promote pharmaceutical production in Dubai. The immediate development for DSP is the launch of its Headquarters which consists of two landmark buildings that offer brand new business space to companies interested in scientific, environmental or pharmaceutical industry. These twin towers will create a relaxing and convenient environment for professionals as well as residents by providing a bunch of retail/service outlets and restaurants along with beautifully landscaped common spaces.

Dubai Science Park Residence Community:-

Dubai Science Park is a complete neighborhood situated in the heart of Al Barsha where one can live, work and enjoys the sense of community that evolves through its core. Entrepreneurs, SMEs and multinational enterprises operating within the science sector have found a place they can call home for their operations in Dubai Science Park (DSP), the region’s first science community that offers an state of the art platform for businesses to innovate, grow and progress in a truly dynamic sense. Since the DSP’s inception, the community has grown to more than 350 companies of all sizes in the sectors of life, energy and environmental science. With the help of companies operating within the community, DSP is further strengthening the position of Dubai as a destination for innovation in the science and research sector.

Dubai Science Park Facilities and Amenities:-
All the necessary facilities and amenities are available in Dubai Science Park for the residents. Academic Institutes, Mosques, Shopping malls, Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Clinics, Gyms, Department stores, Salons and Parks are there to cater the inhabitants.

Dubai Science Park Directions:-
Dubai Science Park is located in Barsha South. It is close to the communities of Motor City and Al Barsha.

Dubai Science Park Properties for Sale:-
Dubai Science Park provides commercial offices, warehouses and laboratory space as well as a robust infrastructure. It also boasts high-rise apartment buildings for its residents.

Dubai Science Park Apartments for Sale:-
1.    Mont Rose by Deyaar Properties
2.    Cayan Cantara by Cayan Group
3.    Bella Rose by Deyaar by Deyaar Properties