More about properties for sale in Barashi


Barashi is an eastern Sharjah residential area. There are villas for rent and sale in Barashi. Residents are already handed over villas located on the northern side of this development. 

Barashi Features

  • It is a community villa only

  • Pleasant culture of relatives

  • The town is clouded by the industry of the main town.

  • The area is popular to rent and buy Sharjah villas

  • Near the International Airport of Sharjah

Barashi Neighborhood

Barashi provides its people with a calm lifestyle. Barashi is located near Al Dhaid Road (E88) from the center of the city. The community's residential villas have new amenities and are favored by families mainly.

It is one of the favorite villas in Sharjah for those who want to rent because of its affordability. The district is well linked to Ajman and Dubai and is a great alternative to fly to the other emirates regularly.

Sharjah International Airport is a five-minute drive away, Al Khawaneej in Dubai is 10 minutes away and Ajman Emirate is a twenty-minute drive away.

Properties in Barashi

In Barashi, only villas can be found for rent and sale. There are 2, 3, 4, and 5 bedroom villas in Barashi. A villa with three bedrooms extends about 3,000 sq ft to 5,000 sq ft. The more spacious villas with 5 bedrooms span 6,000 sq ft to 13,000 sq ft.

These well-designed villas have modern designs. There are two-storeyed villas in Barashi. There is a majlis room, an enormous dining area, a living room, a laundry room, and a separate room for the maid.

Parking spaces in Barashi

In addition to covered parking spaces, several villas also have a garage. If not, residents can park their cars outside their villa as well. In Barashi, visitors can park their vehicles in large parking areas.

Barashi has strong links to Ajman, Dubai, and Sharjah's major city areas. The most comfortable alternative is to fly through a private vehicle. Barashi is a non-governmental region. The nearest bus stop is Al Saja, which is 10 minutes by car from Sharjah Cement Factory.

Supermarkets in Barashi

Near Barashi there are many supermarkets. Residents should go to Al Ateen Supermarket, less than 2 km from Barashi, for daily food needs. The next close-knit supermarket is a 7-minute drive from Taier Al Madina Supermarket. The neighboring Al Saja district is less than 8 kilometers from three supermarkets. Here you find the Supermarket of Safa Al Khaleej, Supermarket Al Madina of Hibat, and Supermarket Noor Al Saja.

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