Al Zahraa


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Al Zahraa

Al Zahraa is an Abu Dhabi neighborhood residential community. Instead of being a busy community, the town is very small. The friendly platform gives splendid apartments and villas, for people looking for a new home. Al Zahraa residents can conveniently access stores, schools, and restaurants.

Al Zahraa Features

  • A quiet place with many facilities

  • Well-equipped houses in a stable environment

  • Single and family residential options

  • A few prominent schools in the town

  • A quick drive from exciting visitor attractions

Al Zahraa Neighborhood

Al Zahraa is a safe village that offers its inhabitants a friendly way of life. There are luxury stores, well-established schools, excellent dining rooms, fitness centers, and other services in the area. The community residents can easily reach all parts of the emirate, situated right in the middle of Abu Dhabi.

Life is calm and enjoyable in Al Zahraa because there is convenient access to restaurants and recreational facilities. The people who live in Al Zahraa do not have to think about anything at a variety of malls and shopping centers.

Properties in Al Zahraa

The residential property in Al Zahraa consists mainly of residential buildings. There are also villas, but in the area, there are more homes. There are different styles in the apartments for rent in the city and they give spacious quarters.

  • The rental studios in Al Zahraa provide different facilities for residents to make life more comfortable.

  • The wide residential units are airy. In addition, the centrally air-conditioned studio apartments have first-class kitchens and bathrooms.

  • The apartment complexes in Al Zahraa are fully managed and provide the customers with a healthy atmosphere. 

  • Al Zahraa rental rates are not too high relative to other Abu Dhabi groups. 500 to 600 square ft average studio with a rental of AED 37k per year.

  • A broad range of 1 and 2-bedroom apartments are available in Al Zahraa. The large 2-bedroom apartments can be chosen by small families, for which rent amounts to about AED 55k. 

  • 444 sq ft to 1111 sq ft, one-room rent begins at the AED 33k, which on average rises to AED 40k.

Parking spaces and transportation in Al Zahraa

  • Parking is not an annoyance since most of the residences provide residents with a dedicated car park. Dhafeer Lane, 5 minutes from the community, offers free parking.

  • In terms of public transport, Sultan Bin Zayed Street has many bus stops. Muroor Road bus 34, 54, and 56.

Supermarkets in Al Zahraa

Al Zahraa is home to many supermarkets. The closest choices for residents are on Muroor Lane, the Mohammed Akter Supermarket, and the Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society. In addition, Spinneys Market and Carrefour City are just minutes from the village. In addition, several smaller grocery stores are also located in the vicinity.

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