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Al Qasimia

Sharjah is the 3rd largest city in the UAE and one of the most prominent. Although Sharjah's lifestyle is not as luxurious as in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, its atmosphere is more tranquil. Al Qasimia is a neighborhood in Sharjah, identified after the powerful 'Al Qasimi' family which has governed Sharjah since 1600. This is in the five most famous regions to rent an apartment in Sharjah. Single and small families are convenient here. In the neighborhood are many stores, restaurants and shops and various picnic areas are nearby.

Al Qasimia Features

  • It is found in Sharjah

  • Named 'Al Qasimi' after the royal family

  • Sharjah's fifth most common apartment rental area

  • Typically for Singles and small families, these are affordable apartments

  • The apartments have many services and amenities

  • Near big sights like King Faisal and Ittihad parks.

  • Mega Mall and several other shops are nearby

  • The district provides many colleges and colleges

Al Qasimia Neighborhood

Al Qasimia has many attractions and is a well-built region. In Al Qasimia, there are many benefits. This includes inexpensive accommodation near to schools, shopping centers, supermarkets, and forms of entertainment.

If you want to spend a nice day out, you can visit the Sahara Center Theme Park called Adventureland. It is a big amusement park with fun and exciting rides.

The region lies between two of Sharjah's most significant sites – the Mega Mall and the Mosque of King Faisal. In the proximity, there are numerous schools and hospitals that make it famous with families.

Properties in Al Qasimia

The most famous properties in Al Qasimia are rental apartments. Al Nud is one of Al Qasimia's most popular resorts for rent. The area is very appropriate for individuals, single people, or even smaller families who want to rent an apartment.

Communities in Al Qasimia 

  • Al Nud is an al Qasimia subgroup that provides rent and sale apartments with the same facilities, 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. The rent rates are not very diverse, for example, the 1-bedded apartments range from 20k AED per year to 30k AED per annum. After all, the most common apartment in Al Nud, which costs an average of AED 27k per year, is 2-bedroom.

  • In the Al Qasimia region, Al Mahatah is a mix-use culture. A project with facilities designed for residential apartments. Al Mahatah Fort is among the buildings that were a quick tourist destination. This building has been turned into a museum for Al Mahatah.

  • Al Mahatah, which is linked to its roots, provides residential apartments to expatriates and locals. Most buildings are on the ground floor with a few retail buildings. There are 1, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments in Al Mahatah. The prospective residents chose between equipped and unfurnished apartments. The en suite bathrooms, a balcony, and the well-equipped kitchen are included in each unit.

  • If you are comfortable in smaller apartments, you can rent 1-bedroom apartments for AED 20k per year in Al Mahatah. On average, 2-bedroom apartment rentals are AED 30k per year. You could be paid between AED 32k a year and an AED 53k per year for the rent of a 3-bedded apartment in Al Qasimia.

  • Al Qasimia is among the Sharjah's greatest 5 residential areas. Al Qasimia consists of three large residential communities and buildings. Among them are the Al Nud, the MB2, and Tiger 6 building. Check out Al Qasimia's most famous tower to choose from.

  • Al Nud is perhaps the most famous community in the group to buy and rent properties. In the mid-rise towers, it provides 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments.

  • The second and third prominent group in al-Qasimia is MB2 Building and the Tiger 6 Building.

Al Qasimia Location

Closer to the waterfront community of Al Majaz.

Surrounded by a ton of restaurants and entertaining places.

Dubai is a 19-minute drive away.

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