Al Musalla

Churches, Holy places, and mosques in Al Musalla
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Al Musalla

In Sharjah, people who want to rent an apartment will find several possibilities. Many areas offer a family-friendly living atmosphere within this emirate. Therefore, Al Musalla is one such place nearby. It is near to some of Sharjah's most significant sites such as Rolla Park, Sharjah Clock Tower, and King Faisal Mosque, to name a few.

Al Musalla Features

  • The King Faisal Mosque, the Rolla Park, and Clock Tower are close big sights

  • Located in one of Sharjah's best-known districts

  • Home to Sharjah's biggest outdoor Eid Prayer area.

Al Musalla Neighborhood

Al Musalla is an expat community-popular mixed-use community. The community is primarily a residential one with a bunch of old buildings with modern mid-rises buildings.

Al Musalla is one of the only neighborhoods in Sharjah's Al Gharb District. It is near several famous mixed-use districts. It is situated.

Properties in Al Musalla

  • You can find small types of rental apartments in Al Musalla.

  • For example, studios and 1-bedded apartments are fewer offerings. The 2 BHK apartments in Al Musalla are the most common type of property.

Parking spaces and Transportation in Al Musalla

  • Most residents are given a sheltered car park inside their apartment buildings when it comes to getting parking in Al Musalla.

  • On the other end, some older buildings do not have this facility, which could require residents to find their separate car park.

  • The parking spaces along the street are payable for those who have no choice other than to park on the street. 

  • The circumstance in Al Musalla is further restricted concerning public transport. 

  • The nearest bus stop is in Al Rolla's neighborhood known as the Al Rolla Bus Stop, although there is no bus stop in Al Musalla.

  • You can take a bus from this bus stop to other emirates like Dubai.

Supermarkets in Al Musalla

Although multiple supermarkets are in the nearby areas, in Al Musalla, Sahal Al Lulu Supermarket and Al Fayah Supermarket are two main supermarkets. There is a Grand Hypermarket store in the Grand Mall in Musalla for larger retail. Al Musalla's most supermarkets offer free delivery at home too. In the neighborhood, there are many stores, including Al Telal Supermarket, Fathima Supermarket, New Al Madina Supermarket, etc.

  • To find a church you are not going to have to drive far enough. Just south of Al Musalla is Al Yarmook, a city of over ten churches representing the various sects of Christianity, situated a 5-minute drive north. 

  • In Al Yarmook, there are for example the Russian Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and the Protestant Church. 

  • Al Musalla has no church, you can go to Sunday prayers with a short drive.

Educational Institutes in Al Musalla

  • Most of Musalla's elementary schools are not far away. Progressive English School in the community of Al Yarmook, for example, is just 7 minutes away.

  •  More than 10 schools are currently located a 5-10-minute drive from Al Musalla.

  • In University City Sharjah, near Sharjah International Airport, the nearest universities are located for those who wish to study. 

  • There is a student base 20 minutes south of Al Musalla at the American University of Sharjah, University of Sharjah, and Skyline University College.

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