Al Ghadeer

There is also a laundry room, a powder room, and house service facilities. Often the top floors have an airy balcony or a terrace with views of the magnificent community lights, lakes, and gardens. Besides, spacious bedrooms are fitted with en-suite bathrooms and wardrobes.Read more


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Al Ghadeer

Al Ghadeer, a leading supplier of real estate developments in Abu Dhabi, is a fast-growing group. It consists of low-rise residential buildings and villas located in the Dubai-Abu Dhabi frontier. The culture is an excellent fit for those who want to live in Abu Dhabi in Dubai. However, the position may not be the best for those who prefer short roads, since Al Ghadeer is a short distance from the main Emirates districts. Recently, residential regions in the city have grown, with the result that demand for newly-built apartments is increasing. Al Ghadeer marked its place in Abu Dhabi's top 10 areas for apartments.

Al Ghadeer by Aldar is one of the most common residential and commercial properties in Abu Dhabi, as apartment rates fall slightly. It has high investment returns and is a common region.

Al Ghadeer Features

  • Ideal location for people traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

  • A fair chance to invest in high return apartments

  • Various housing schemes for people as well as families

  • Precious choices for buying apartments in a studio or 1 bedroom

  • A self-contained, autonomous suburban society 

Al Ghadeer Neighborhood

Offering low-rise buildings in Al Ghadeer, the residents have total privacy in landscaped gardens. These blocks of apartments shine on one side of the territory, and new villas are complementary structures. The overall project comprises about 14,408 residential properties, of which 11,785 are homes, 449 are houses and 2,174 are townhouses.

Al Ghadeer has 5 exclusive blocks with facilities like no other with its environmentally friendly culture. The Field is a collection of mini-agricultural lands that people who want to grow plants themselves can rent. Secondly, the market is the shopping hub for residents to purchase organic products from new products. The Shed is a trade center with all sorts of agricultural equipment. The Hub is an F&B outlet where people can buy local food. Finally on the list is The Studio, a training center for sustainability and personal agriculture seminars and awareness programs.

Properties in Al Ghadeer

Several properties are available for rent and sale on the mixed property. Leasing properties in Al Ghadeer are a perfect purchase in Al Ghadeer for those looking for new, affordable houses. Clusters are built for villas and townhouses. These houses are designed according to the residents' requirements and come in different possibilities, ranging from 2 to 3-bed quarters.

Each unit offers a vibrant view of contemporary architecture, with several floors. The floor has a spacious living area with a fully fitted kitchen.

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