Al Dhafrah

It is known primarily for its reserves of coal, petroleum, and oil. In Project of Al Dhafrah, Air Base is also here.Read more


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Features of Al Dhafrah:

•    It is considered as the West Area

•    One of Abu Dhabi's three main urban areas

•    71% of the overall emirate are smaller groups in Al Dhafra.

•    The main area filled with fuel and natural resources

•    Home to the airport of Al Dhafrah

•    Emirate's largest field

Al Dhafrah Neighborhood:

Al Dhafrah forms the western UAE zone as a very remote creation in Abu Dhabi. It is the leading segment covering 71% of the total emirate territory. The population and population density are indeed the lowest.

Al Dhafra Abu Dhabi is primarily known for its natural resources, most of the gas and petroleum, and is still not completely developed. Most notably, Al Dhafra contains nearly 90 % of the total hydrocarbon reserves of the region.

Properties in Al Dhafrah:

In Al Dhafrah, there's not much residential land. The region has mostly recreational or tourist attractions and areas for business activities can also be found. Although a mix of apartment buildings is available, in Al Dhafra Abu Dhabi the majority is constituted by individual villas. In the Western area of Al Gharbia assets are primarily owned and employed by companies and investors.

Transportation and Parking spaces at Al Dhafrah:

Al Dhafrah development is bordered by several roads including the northern Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan International Road (E11), west Abu Dhabi – Liwa Road (E65) and north-east Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Trick Road. South of the city, other small highways can be accessible. Residents of Al Dhafrah are suggested for private transportation. Besides, several residential properties in Al Dhafrah have allocated parking spaces.

Al Dhafrah Supermarkets:

Al Dhafra Abu Dhabi has a range of local shops and supermarkets. Residents can buy necessities from the Green Peace Supermarket

Al Dhafrah Mosques and Holy places:

The Mojumaat Jumma Masjid is established in Al Dhafra. In this part of the Emirate, no temples were created. In Madinat Zayed is the American Church of Abu Dhabi.

Al Dhafrah Educational institutes:

The private school of Al Dhafrah is a KG to grade 12 American courses. Abu Dhabi and Al Ain have branches. If the city changes, more school choices for children will be open. Abu Dhabi International Private School and Cambridge High Schools are part of Madinat Zayed schools.

 Hospitals and clinics in Al Dhafrah:
Al Dhafrah has a variety of specialist clinics and university hospitals – many in advanced populations like Madinat Zayed. The local people will visit the Bustan Specialty Hospital and NMC Royal Family Medical Centre.