Al Bateen

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Based on its seafaring activities, which continue the channel between continental and harbored soil, Al Bateen is also the home of the major fishing ports of the island. Bateen also has a clear maritime identity. Al Bateen Palace is housed in the city, where people see Abu Dhabi's ruler two times a week.

Al Bateen Features:

•    In the region, there are many high-end facilities

•    It has many projects on the coast and the island

•    Has a combination of luxury apartments and villas.

•    Host to several diplomatic offices and centers of government

•    Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street passes through, one of the main roads of the region.

Al Bateen Neighborhood:

Al Bateen project has a mixture of luxurious, up-to-date assets, surrounded by luxuriant greenery and sea views. The community is well developed and sustainable, with a range of amenities and facilities available.

Al Bateen Residential Apartments have 6 projects, Al-Maražy, Bloom Marina, Al-Bateen Airport, Al-Bateen Complex, Al-Khaleej Al-Arabi Street and Al-Bateen Wharf. The villas in Al Bateen are well known to large families in 3 key areas, like Al Bateen Villas, Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, and Al Bateen Airport.

Properties in Al Bateen:

In Al Bateen, there are several types of properties. The neighborhood consists of flats, townhouses, and villas.

Both apartments and villas are in Al Bateen Complex. Mixed-use projects include flats, villas, and offices on Al Khaleej Al Arabi Lane. Villas are available in the configurations of 3, 4, 5, and 6 bedrooms. The cost of rental villas on Al Khaleej Al-Arabi Street is between AED 160,000 and AED 300,000 per year. Villas for sale at Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street can cost as low as AED 4.0M. Depending on your option, you can choose between 4 and 9-bed units. Studios, 1- and 2-bedroom units can be found for those who are willing to rent apartments.

Communities in Al Bateen:

The top three areas in Al Bateen to purchase and rent properties are:

•    Al Bateen Airport

•    Al Marasy

•    Al Khaleej Al Arabí Street.

The villas Al Bateen and Bloom Marina are respectively 4th and 5th in the rankings. The most famous village for renting villas and flats is Al Bateen Airport. Properties comprise a two-bedroom studio and three to six-bedroom apartments.

Al Marasy ranks second on the chart. Al Marasy 's residential project was built in the harbor, spreading across two areas connected with the inland zone of Al Bateen. It ranges over 100,000 sq. m. The project, which consists of eight lower-rise buildings, was designed by CBT Architects.

Al Bateen Hotels:

There are several hotels in Al Bateen which tourists can trust, offering a variety of amenities. Including:

•    Abu Dhabi Edition

•    InterContinental Abu Dhabi

•    The St. Regis Abu Dhabi

Al Bateen is one of the few places in this hectic town with ample parking because it's near to several shopping centers, such as malls, medical centers, and schools. There is a central parking lot for each residential block. There is private parking for their tenants for apartments and villas.