Ajman Uptown

Ajman Uptown Neighborhood:
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Some of the parts of the project are out of scheme since this property has increased the reputation of Ajman's real estate investors in the rest of the community. 80 percent of this iconic project is finished, bridges and roads are all completed.

The houses and villas are being built progressively and approximately 350 units are moved. The plan will include a community shop, a hospital, a school, and two mosques, a fitness club. In the surrounding area, the residents will soon be able to see 5-star hotels, a stylish and modern shopping center, restaurants, bars, and a fire station. Ajman Uptown is a gated community of luxury villas and apartments. The Emirates City group, which provides living apartments, is nearby the neighborhood to the south. Also, the Ajman Uptown is Al Jurf Industrial is near. Ajman Uptown is a sustainable and environmentally friendly neighborhood. Solar power is provided for the streetlights, and recycling and waste management services are available in the residential areas to provide incoming owners and tenants with sustainable practices.

Ajman Uptown Features:

•    Ajman Uptown is a special residential development that is green, safe, and affordable.

•    Situated on Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Road's arterial network

•    The townhouses and villas are already given and provided after its completion

•    Apartments are being built for residence and service

•    It is a gated community ideal for both individuals and families.

Properties in Ajman Uptown:

The master project consists of 1 504 residential deluxe units, along with large villas and townhouses for which phase 1. The houses display French architecture elements and vary in layouts of 2 to 5 bedrooms. The artistic labeling of units for divergence is a distinctive characteristic of these villas in Ajman Uptown. The 2-bed and 3-bed villas are Erica. 4-bedroom villas with the names Acacia, Begonia, Camellia, and Dahlia, which are categorized by four designs. VIP houses are the most lavish 5-bedroom villas.

In comparison to other Emirates, the prices and advantages provided by Ajman Uptown are reasonable. Those who wish to rent a unit may purchase a 3-bedroom AED 30k house annually. The rent is around AED 55 K, and still affordable for a bigger 4-bedroom villa.

Big houses with designated parking spaces. Are you searching for a budget house to buy? a 3-bedroom villa for as little as AED 410k, a 4-bedroom house for 800k in Ajman Uptown, and a huge 5-bedded villa for about AED 1.6 M. Some residences are under development and will soon give small families and pairs suitable housing.

Ajman Uptown Transportation and Parking Facilities:

After the whole project of Ajman Uptown is finished, Ajman Uptown will have its own public transportation service. The shuttles are planned for residents to the UAE's two leisure centers, Deira City Centre, and Ajman City Centre. It is best to use a car to drive around town before then. You can also hire a taxi here because it is an inexpensive choice. Parking in the area is available. There is a special basement parking for occupants of the soon to be constructed apartment buildings. There are separate car parks for those living in villages and townhouses.

Supermarkets Near Ajman Uptown:

In the neighboring village of Al Raqaib, there are Ahleam Al-Madina Supermarket and Al Hooth Supermarket. You will get to them in 12 minutes. Many nearby grocery stores and convenience stores are located within a 10-minute drive of Al Bahia and Al Jurf. Some supermarkets also provide packages for online ordering and delivery services. Soon the city will have its own convenience store and until then these supermarkets can be visited near Ajman Uptown