Ajman Downtown

The area has several apartments for rental and investment, anyone who would like to live in Ajman Downtown. Many newly built apartments buildings have the latest facilities and features. So, living in Ajman city means enjoying the best Ajman's luxurious life, but without the high prices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Live in Ajman CityRead more


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Ajman Downtown Features:

•    Luxury facilities in new buildings

•    Substantially low apartment rentals and freehold prices

•    Near Al Ittihad Street (E11) for short travel times

•    Perfect family spot

•    Traffic congestion is minimized.

Ajman Downtown Neighborhood:

Ajman downtown project provides primarily for sale and rents apartments. These apartments are typically in buildings between medium and high altitude. Expat residents of Indian, Pakistan, and several Arab countries are common in the region. Those who wish to relocate here can also find the area near various business centers and facilities for lifestyles.

Properties in Ajman Downtown:

In Ajman downtown development, there are two apartments for rent and sale. Studio apartments for rent up to AED 13k, with living room of 365 sq. ft to 760 sq. ft. Those who want to find more space can plan to rent a 1-bedroom apartment for AED 20k to AED 30k per year in Ajman city center. The average price of AED 35k per year can be leased for 2-bedroom apartments. There are huge apartments of at least 1,260 square ft. 3 large apartments range from AED 37K to AED 56k in the city center of Ajman.

Ajman Downtown Transportation:

The key routes are run by bus stations in the city center of Ajman. The residents can access these quickly, as they are a short walk away. Some of the buses connect with the rest of the city, while others link directly with the Dubai Emirate.

Ajman Downtown Parking spaces:

People with their own cars may have a problem when parking is concerned. Some buildings have a basement or parking garage, while others have no parking spaces. There is paid street parking near the flat but it is expected to fill up quickly.