Academic City

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This exceptional project of academic city was launched in 2012 in the pursuit of intellectual development and response to the needs of the diverse academic community.

This was the start of the Dubai Knowledge Park in the region of al-Sufouh, which was successfully established. The Dubai Knowledge Park education hub acts as a forum for various corporate training and technical training institutes, identical in functions and goals. Academic City, on the other hand, seeks to provide schools, colleges, and universities with a common ground. DIAC is the world's largest free area devoted solely to students.

The rapidly expanding Dubai Academic City has grown into a large, thriving community with support from many respected academic partners worldwide.

Features of Academic City:

•    It has almost 28 universities worldwide.

•    Welcomes foreign investment

•    Hosts many yearly work exhibits

•    Compared to other countries, relatively low living costs

Academic City's Neighborhood:
Dubai has simplified it for students by establishing a community where all major universities and inexpensive living areas are present simultaneously in the near vicinity. Students will now find a convenient place near their registered university at DIAC instead of driving from across the town to their educational institutes. In addition to affordable living, many services are within walking distance of the hostels in the city which are cost-effective for residents. In one of the most famous cities in the world, the DIAC group offers students a healthy lifestyle.

This culture offers academics a peaceful refuge with many facilities at a near distance and low-range residences. Students should control and concentrate comfortably on their finances. Besides, those who burn midnight oil will take advantage of cost savings by sometimes taking a break and making it big on weekends.

Properties in Academic City:
With the biggest international campus concentration in the region, Academic City consists of business ventures, which also have a significant number of state educational institutes.

The development of academic city involves both on-campus and off-campus accommodations to encourage students and professionals with an all-round experience.

The apartments are usually constructed like compounds in the Academic Area. The tall, opened hall with wall-to-wall units showcases the surrounding corridors. Furthermore, granite floors and marble-coated kitchens provide the overall theme with consistency. The apartment has also several balconies where students can plan a study spot with views over the greenery of these peaceful landscaped parks.