Abu Shagara 1 & 2

Abu Shagara's Features:
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More about properties for sale in Abu Shagara 1 & 2

​​​​​​There are a variety of residential buildings in the neighborhood, with a selection of cheap accommodations. In Sharjah, it is one of the most common areas for rental apartments.

•    The place in Sharjah is central

•    Offers inexpensive apartments, but very well-facilitated,

•    Pleasant family group

•    Near the key areas of the Emirates

•    Residents of various nationalities

•    Abu Shagara Park is here

•    In less than 30 minutes Dubai can be approached

Abu Shagara's Neighborhood:

Abu Shagara's vibrant neighborhood is mostly made up of mid-rise apartments. Almost all services can be in the areas within the tenants. The family-friendly area is within easy reach of restaurants, mosques, gyms, and lounges. The proximity to the famous leisure sights and centers of the city is another advantage of living in Abu Shagara.

Abu Shagara project offers many apartments and has residential buildings mainly in the middle of the city. The residential units have different settings, varying from condos to 3-bedroom apartments. It is also a major hub for investors, primarily due to the quality and price of Abu Shagara properties.

In Abu Shagara development, the residential properties provide different facilities and provide residents a simple lifestyle. Most houses have surveillance systems, maintenance workers, backup generators, and swimming pools. The rates are justified by both the furnished and unfurnished apartments in the city.

Parking Spaces of Abu Shagara:

Parking spaces inside the residential buildings are given to the tenants. Parking elsewhere in the community could however be a challenge as only a few parking spaces are open.

Public Transport in Abu Shagara:

In Abu Shagara on the other hand, the bus stops in the area make public transport comfortable. Most bus stops are on King Faisal Lane, north of the village. If you want to catch a taxi then, it is fast, too.

Supermarkets Abu Shagara:

At almost every corner, the supermarkets in Abu Shagara facilitate food shopping for all residents. Some of the most famous Sharjah supermarkets, such as the Sharjah Co-operative Society, can be found here. For several households, it is the first go-to-market and has been in the city for a long time. Behind Crystal Plaza on King Faisal Lane, there is also an outlet of Spinneys. In Abu Shagara you can find small supermarkets, such as the Al Urooj Grocery and the Al Urooj Supermarket, Al Mustashar Grocery, and Al Madinah Al Khadhra Grocery.

City Center supermarket, or as New City Center supermarket, Choitrams, and Venicia supermarket also call residents a broad variety of items. Apart from this, there is also Al Madina Supermarket, Kraz Supermarket, Amber Supermarket, and a lot of others.