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Time Properties LLC is a private real estate development company based in Dubai that offers property development works including all areas of engineering, from infrastructure development, construction phase design and engineering, to the overall building process, to mega marketing strategy. Other subsidiaries of time properties, including Hadi Consulting and Engineering and Square Meters Construction, are responsible for design and engineering.Read more

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Time Properties LLC has tested and delivered some elegant high-end residential buildings in Silicon Oasis, Dubai that has become a very attractive residential neighborhood in recent times.

The mission of the company was to offer from the beginning its customers the best in architectural design, constructional development of reliability, and the optimal return on investment while putting in place the maximum strategies. Time Properties LLC has evolved steadily with these great expectations throughout its internal divisions of land buying, building design, development strategies, and advertising and marketing department overall in the United Arab Emirates.

Popular projects by Time Properties

Arabian Gate Dubai:-

In the Dubai Silicon Oasis region, Arabian Gate is amongst the most prestigious projects lately developed. It is a gorgeous complex with an appealing architectural design. Dubai is quite well recognized for its world-class creations and this property does not let buyers' expectations lower with its outdoor and outdoor sets. The choices of studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments of 335 ft, 615 sqft, 1077 sq ft, and 1595 sq ft categorically are available for potential buyers for this project. Such apartments are designed and built elegantly, with stunning interior and furniture. This truly is a jewel among all the residential projects in the region. It is also lined with excellent infrastructure and facilities, which will undoubtedly improve the lives of its citizens. Their quality of residential projects they provide is unimaginable.

AG Tower:-

In the heart of Dubai, a vibrant 23-story tower stands high named AG Tower, which comprises 437 residences and has stunning architecture and sleek interior. This is near many financial institutions, leading boutiques, and world-famous cafes. The Burj Khalifa Tower is also a few minutes away from here along with the famous Burj Khalifa Distributor Centre. The AG Tower is correlated with timeless elegance.

Park Villas:-

PARK Villas is built for people who want a completely special living experience. It is the only answer to your needs. All villas are designed to build houses fascinatingly, supplemented by wide balconies and adequate space on every floor, with breakthrough technologies. PARK Villas is situated in a green area in Jumeirah Village Circle to ensure that it is extremely well-constructed development. The development consists of a thoroughly selected combination of the four-bedroom villa with open balconies that have an elegant design. The quiet and spectacular climate is unforgettable in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

PARK Villas, intends to cater to the people who wish to live in an attractive environment, incorporates contemporary urban planning with a sensation and inspiration of European architectural history. Each component has been developed on a large scale with this ideology. Villa in four bedrooms gives you significantly more floor area than other similar projects.

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