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Properties have always been the talk of the town of Dubai and fairly so, it’s impossible to talk about Dubai and not mention the skyscrapers, islands, and the beautiful architectural beauties it holds. Dubai properties shares and preaches the same passion for properties by contributing to major developments and projects that further contribute to the growth of the property business.

Situated four kilometers and just a 20-minute boat ride away from mainland Dubai, you find the heart of Europe. This beauty is set over 6 islands and holds one of the most eye-catching wonders of the world of architecture. Known to be the world’s most famous luxury holiday destination, this property also houses some premium residential homes. The heart of Europe raises the bar for every other project by being a climate-controlled resort. With the help of the staggering German technology, it snows all year round in the oasis of the Heart of Europe, which apart from being unimaginable is a great attraction for tourists from all around the world too! The wow factor is strengthened through the fact that the project is highly sustainable, build upon the ocean and all the energy produced in the heart of Europe is renewable!

Popular Mind-boggling Developments by the Heart of Europe:

Heart of Europe:-
The Heart of Europe is an island that includes private luxury homes, residential buildings, hotels, a building that can float, and a range of shopping, amusement, and food and drink stores. The Heart of Europe is an idealistic project that provides a worldwide encounter. The island is a retreat that gives its residents and tourists the best of both Dubai environments. The Heart of Europe provides a wholly distinct, beautiful, and unforgettable island journey, from residence to hotels, resorts, shops, and Euro festivals throughout the year.

Popular Developments by Heart of Europe:

Sweden Palaces:-
The Heart of Europe comprises the island of Sweden that looks like angled Viking ships for its lovely beachside villas. Every 10 houses contain 7 bedrooms and the rooftop of a vessel represents the hull. In all of these luxury villas, you will notice a rather trendy decor. The distinct characteristics of these villas are associated with the new Swedish architectural design that is tidy and highly operational. All the villas for sale are examples of wonderful elegance and sculpture.

Floating Seahorse:-

Kleindienst Group, the project owner, has designed Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai to provide the outstanding meaning of life on the vessel. Each of these floating structures is a small island of its own-surrounded by the sea, overlooking the beautiful skyline. The immersed level in each Villa – pure product design wonder – is yet another important aspect of the Floating Seahorse Villas in Dubai. It is fitted with a coral reef, which provides safe habitats for threatened species. This ecologically responsible factor gives residents undisturbed and breathtaking views of aquatic life in their natural habitats.

This place is skillfully designed like a shape of a horseshoe and it comprises houses, 15 beachside villas, and 17 lagoons, both with amazing scenery of the coastline, protection, and tranquility. The German architectural design and quality materials moldings will mark all properties engineered by European engineers. A strong, vibrant, and complex tradition of German art is associated with renowned style and durability. The Heart of Europe blends the architecture of Bauhaus with new, practical design for daily comfort.

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