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Sharjah Oasis Real Estate is a visionary organization with a global goal, led by an energetic team of experts eager to challenge the system and traditional plans to measure the meaningful change in real estate economic, social and environmental growth. Sharjah Oasis Real estate is a UAE company with exquisite property development credentials for growth. A sequence of success stories was illustrated, starting with the launch of its legendary Sharjah Waterfront City project.

Sharjah Oasis Real Estate is a credible, innovative business that is dedicated to revolutionizing the sector. It has a balanced portfolio that will always fail to sacrifice quality and values, thus guaranteeing that it provides a satisfying life that offers its stakeholders healthy living.

Popular Projects by Sharjah Oasis Real Estate

Blue Bay Walk Apartments

Presenting apartments in Blue Bay, another spacious Sharjah Oasis residence in Ajmal Makan, Sharjah City Waterhead (SWF City). Waterfront Apartments. It consists of apartments of 1 and 2 bedrooms with stunning views, sleek architecture, and world-class amenities. The blue bay walk is delicately designed and fully equipped with the latest services and amenities which are crucial for the satisfied living in SWF City, life will prosper in all its flashes of brilliance. This beautiful residential space offers an attractive price. It is not only antiques of architecture, sumptuous design features, and walls. Residents will also enjoy an outstanding lifestyle on enthralling beaches. Residents discover new vision in the Blue Bay walk-apartments. Different modes of transport, including canals, roads, and tram lines, will be used to easily link the waterfront development. This real estate project is the most wanted and actual destination in Sharjah, UAE.

Ajmal Makan Villas

A residence project showcasing a series of luxury residences inside the Sharjah Waterfront Area, Sun Island smart villas at Ajmal Makan creates a different living experience. The 4, 5, 6, and 7 bedroom villas give an option, in cool, air-conditioned surroundings, the homes, therefore, provide a retreat for all those in their separate homes who look for style and grace. The residential building contains 321 villas and is structured in a way that meets everyone's standards. Each unit on the ground of the island has extremely well-equipped accommodation and services.

The villas, manufactured in different sizes and shapes, are built to provide such a modern luxury atmosphere. With houses that incorporate advanced architecture and digital systems, the primary aim is to strengthen the standard of your lifestyle. The developer is eager to show homes where, using your smartphone, you can monitor elements like temperature, safety, curtains, and TV. The smart villas offer a new outlook. In a healthy and green climate, eco-sustainable buildings are built to minimize carbon footprint and use less electricity.

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