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Seven Tides

Seven Tides is a private property development and investment firm based in Dubai, which was founded in 2004. At present, Seven Tides is focused on luxurious accommodation and residential property development thinking increasingly, creatively, and working as partners.

The Seven Tides continue to be respected by home buyers and investors alike. They have the capacity to provide utter consistency in all dimensions of the property, from the ideal location to the modern architecture of the apartments with luxury equipment and amenities to resort-style amenities. Seven Tides is now forming the landscape in one of the world's most vibrant towns with four groundbreaking projects to date.

A number of projects covering residential, industrial, and resort properties are established and owned by Seven Tides. Each deal is planned in advance and thoroughly expanded, be it constructing respected houses, enhancing the worksite, or providing comfortable holidays escapes.

Popular Projects by Seven Tides

Rahala Residences

Rahala Residences is the ideal startup for Seven Tide International, a new Dubai developer with 45 studio apartments with 112 fully fitted apartments with AED 899,000 flexible payments and this residence has been designed with the greatest attention to give the resident a reasonable efficiency. The residence provides free WiFi access. It was introduced early in 2004 and in a short period of time, it emerged as an iconic development. The Seven Tide developer was among the finest developers in Dubai. The developer contributes substantially to Dubai’s growth.

The Rahala residence consists of a one-bedroom studio and an apartment with a magnificent lifestyle and easy access to high-quality accommodation, making it more comfortable to move in. The house is also fitted with high-quality material. This residence is situated in new Dubai, known for its high delivering service with an enthusiastic community, as well as numerous cafés and restaurants and educational facilities with recreational areas in this location.

Anantara Residences

Two-bedroom fully equipped flat in the breathtaking Palm Jumeirah Anantara residences, all you may need is present here: gorgeous, high quality 5-star trendy furnishings, kitchen equipment as well as housekeeping every day. The practical design includes a large living room, two en suite bedrooms, an open kitchen and a large balcony with a wonderful view across the resort and a spectacular marina skyline, Palm Jumeirah, legendary Atlantis The Palm as well as a beautiful sunset. A luxurious 5-star resort & residential property on the outer crescent of the famous Palm Jumeirah is Anantara Dubai Palm Jumeirah Resort & Spa.

Seven Palms are snuggled on the Palm Jumeirah trunk, opposite Nakheel Mall and the Palm hotel next to DUKES; food and leisure are available to the residents of this hotel. The Arab Sea, marina coastline, landmark Burj Al Arab and Dubai Eye is stunning in Seven Palms.

In the South Tower of the Seven Palm House, a luxury hotel is built and in the North Tower, the buildings are positioned. At the top of the towers, there is a beautiful one-of-a-kind swimming pool, where food and beverage shops serve the desires and wishes of residents as well as tourists.

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