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Nshama Properties

Nshama is an Innovative Lifestyle Community developer from Dubai who has given incredible value to ambitious homeowners since 2014.

With the popularity of its Town Square Dubai flagship project, the company has placed itself at the frontline of residential property growth in the United Arab Emirates.

With the experience of the entire project and professionals from all over the world, Nshama seeks to create a sophisticated, integrated, connected, technologically-driven, and the resilient environment with a high level of knowledge. Every day they build their neighborhoods to better your life. They found comprehensive architectural design, optimized infrastructure and installations to become the ultimate buildings for loving families.

Every Nshama proposal starts with almost everything you would require for a rewarding experience in your home. When it's completed, service quality guarantees that your daily wishes are satisfied so that you can concentrate on what the memory of your current apartment is about.

Nshama developments are very autonomous and give people all they need in the immediate vicinity. Their ventures vary from importance to facilities, place, and awareness of conservation at all points of interaction. Investing in Nshama helps consumers to change their lifestyles from a rental model to a cost-compliant, family-friendly home for end-users.

Popular Developments by Nshama Properties

Town Square

The town square is a trendy and multicultural NSHAMA neighborhood packed with everything that you need to stay in comfort. This urban city provides a surface area of 31 million sq. ft of amenities, such as:

  • Parks and cycle paths

  • Pools for swimming

  • Modern medical services.

  • Educational institutions

  • 350 department stores with cafes, restaurants, and other shops.

  • Theaters

Popular Projects by Nshama Properties

Warda Apartments

An impressive tower that looks like a sound investment, even for new purchasers is Warda Apartments at the Town Square Park. The building is located near Central Park, where a range of retail and entertainment choices are provided.

Zahra Breeze Apartments

Zahra Breeze Apartments is a Nshama Town Square residential project that provides studio and 1-2, 3-bedroom accommodation. The design is framed by a spectacular green panoramic view with the gardens just outside of the window, the ideal way to relax or meet your friends during weekends after a long, busy day. Zahra Breeze Apartments offer exercise equipment and sports facilities too.

Hayat Boulevard

Hayat Boulevard is a Nshama Town Square project. The scheme involves a mid-size building comprising of 1-, 2, 3- and 4-bedroom units. The podium also contains leisure services and equipment.

Jenna 's apartments

The 2.5 million square feet of the area containing over 350 shops and F & B outlets will be housed in Jenna 's apartments surrounding the Central Park. The next tower includes roomy apartments in the latest construction of the Town Square. In your living room, you can enjoy the greenery and Central Park, rest at the pool, and take part in a gym training session. Life at the Jenna II Apartments gives you more than enough opportunities that are just a quick walk from the city's center.

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