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KOA will reinterpret residential living and working in Dubai as one of Mohammed Zaal 's distinct property concepts. KOA generates communities that represent the region's global perspective and a younger breed of buyers who require individual expression. The KOA tradition is of consistency and faultless performance, with its inventiveness and strong attention to detail. An integrated ecosystem representing creativity, the substance will be created by increasing teamwork. KOA is committed to revitalizing urban growth and moving the real estate industry in Dubai into an age that will stimulate culture and urban spaces and help to create a vibrant new Dubai.

Mohammed Zaal is a UAE businessman who contributed to the growth of Dubai's landscape. Mohammed Zaal has opened up new opportunities in real estate designing as the designer and executive director for Al Barari 's creation to enhance lifestyle through a combination of nature, culture, and unimaginable amenities. Mohammed Zaal founded the KOA in 2016 to carry about a new concept of urban living and work in the UAE, based on his considerable experience in both the property development and service industry.

Mohammed Zaal has won several awards already. His research continues the Zaal Tradition, which dates from the early 19th century, with a strong and creative determination.

KOA is grounded in a strong social aim of boosting development in Dubai to become a center for cultural expression. Their goal is to foster the social and artistic market in the economy and lead the United Arab Emirates to a new age of economic prosperity, and to establish a new concept for the Middle East.

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KOA Canvas

Near Al Barari, KOA Canvas proposes an incredible new creation which is expected to finish in 2018. It is among the few developments planned to be a collective vision that gives way to a place surrounded by a quiet, greener future. This project is adorable, to say the least, in its modern setting. This environment is ideal for imaginative people who can create a room as special as it is. It is a culture that embraces individual liberty and provides positive and social involvement. The T.ZED Architects designed 70 residences in 2 towers.

Also, the uniqueness of layouts is built with a new generation of urban residents considering versatility, timeless architecture, distinctive specifics of identity, and the selection of construction. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Gardens are located 20 minutes from the area. Residents will determine what to do with their room and call it their own.

With its abundant use of stone, wood and the colors used reflect the surroundings, natural applications of stone, wood, and metal move smoothly in the outer and in the inner. Wind, open courtyards, natural light, straight and uninterrupted lines strengthen the whole landscape.  The building is also designed to accommodate many amenities such as an adult lap pool, a family pool, private outdoor dining, daycare center, child's play area, and more, plus 200,000 sqft of peaceful garden areas, paddle tennis courts, gym, spa services, and a fitness center.

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